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As you consider what motivates you right now, get and stay empowered for success with these quick motivation tips:

  • Turn shoulds into musts. If you won’t make your goal a priority, it won’t get done. As Tony says, “Don’t should all over yourself.”
  • Set specific goals. If you want to write a book, set a concrete objective, such as, “I want to write 200 pages.” Don’t lose steam tracking undefined goals. By setting metrics, you can better gauge your progress and get the positive feedback you need to feel motivated to continue. When you reach your goals, celebrate! Happiness and optimism breed productivity, so the more you achieve, the better you feel, and the more you can do moving forward.
  • Chunk your tasks into manageable, actionable goals. This way, you resist feeling overwhelmed, but even more importantly, you attach emotional significance to your goals.
  • Make a commitment. When you achieve a goal that is part of your action plan, reward yourself with something meaningful — and don’t skip it. Still not feeling motivated? Try a commitment device: penalize yourself monetarily if you don’t complete your task. Whether you donate the money to charity, your kids or a friend, you’re out $50 (at least for a good cause). Follow through!
  • Get inspired as you consider what motivates you in life. Every day, ordinary people do extraordinary things. Read success stories, books, blogs and inspirational quotes to keep your motivational fire burning bright.
  • Recharge your batteries with deep breathing. Release toxins and flood your cells with oxygen by breathing deeply. Additionally, get the sleep you need to perfor at your peak level.
  • Get results coaching. Sometimes it’s tough to get neutral perspective on your goals, your progress, and your strengths and weaknesses. A Results Coach can give you the sound feedback and motivation you may be missing now, and can also serve as a sounding board.
  • Connect your mood and physiological goals for better results. The reason so many people struggle with reaching their goals is the same reason they struggle with unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled. Make the link between your emotions and your physiology and achieve a moment of authentic decision and clarity that can help you stay happier and healthier for life.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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