Small ways to add colour to your home

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September 6, 2018
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September 6, 2018
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Small ways to add colour to your home


Small ways to bring color into your home like with art pieces

In our minds, there’s only one cure for the winter blues, and that’s a healthy dose of colour around your home. We’re especially loving pink accents, vibrant tropical greens, and our forever favourite hue, blue. A fresh colour palette will bring new life to your space and give you hope that warmer weather is around the corner. Here are our favourite ways to bring small accents of colour into your home:

Art can work magic in a space, especially when you create a bold focal point. In the multifunctional dining room above, our oversized Seasons Art takes a mostly neutral space to another level.

Pink accents feel fresh, unexpected, and perfectly timed for Spring

Have we mentioned we love pink? There are few colours happier than pink, and we’re bringing magenta, hot pink, and blush into our rooms in large and small ways! Pink accents feel fresh, unexpected, and perfectly timed for Spring.

Don't be scared, choose a color instead of a neutral

For practicality’s sake, most people would opt for the safe shades of tan or gray for their bench cushions, but on such a small piece, choose colour instead. Blue goes with anything, and the dark hue will effortlessly hide stains and spills.

Upholstered cubes are an easy way to add an accent of color to your home

Navy and red are a classic combination, and we love evoking a nautical theme without being too campy. If you have lots of navy already, considering adding in some bright cherry red. It’s the perfect compliment to blue and warms up a cooler palette.

Green accents, both in upholstery or live plants, bring a space to life

Tropical green and leaf prints are on our radar in a big way, but even if you aren’t up for a leaf print on your upholstered pieces, consider bringing in some real live leaves! Indoor plants and even greenery foraged from the yard can give your home office, living room, or kitchen a whole new life.

Swap out your accessories to create a totally new color story

It’s easy to ignore what an impact accessories can have on your space. After all, they’re often small and can go unnoticed in a big room surrounded by other pieces. But when you give all of your accessories a larger colour story, you can make a big impact on your space! Take this dining room. Almost all of the furniture pieces are neutral, but with a runner, two pillows, and some navy dinnerware, the entire space reads blue-and-white.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to bring colour into your room, whether it’s on pieces large or small.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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