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Something blue for the kitchen

Love blue? Browse these examples of beautiful blue kitchens to get some creative ideas for incorporating this usually calming, but sometimes invigorating, color into your kitchen.

Something Blue

Ready for some color? For an instant update, give cabinets a fresh coat of paint. This pale shade of blue is a cheery alternative to the sleek white look.

Shades of blue

There are many shades of blue from the dark and rich noble blue color shades to pale blue and light sky blue tones to add to modern kitchen design and decor.

Contemporary blue

Pale blue tones can be combined with warm colors. Red, orange and yellow or brown colors of natural wood work well with kitchen cabinets and island designs in light blue colors.

Bright and Blue

Blending blue color with bright tones or brown colors of natural wood create warm and cozy, harmonious and pleasant modern kitchen design.

Big Blue

Light blue colors are great for classic kitchen designs that blend elegance and freshness, and give modern kitchens a calm look.

Cooking with Blue

Blue surfaces, especially in light blue and turquoise blue color tones, add a calming and cooling feel to modern kitchen design and decor, by warm brown colors of natural wood balance and harmonize kitchen interiors filling them with inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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