Stop Doing This… and You’ll Change Your Life…

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December 21, 2017
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Stop Doing This… and You’ll Change Your Life…

One can and should find something good in every situation.

If that is not possible then one should accept the situation and try to move ahead in life.

Thoughts are things and whatever thoughts we hold in mind consistently take fruition. So it is obvious
that if we want good things to happen in our life, we should hold good, positive thoughts in our mind.
Misery begets misery. So, if your thoughts are miserable, expect to lead a miserable life. At the same time,
positivity begets positivity. So, if your thoughts are positive, expect good things in life.

Psychologists say that more than 10,000 thoughts cross a typical individual’s mind every day.

Eastern philosophers have compared the human mind to a drunken monkey, who is constantly moving from
one place to another and is almost impossible to control.

Controlling such an hyperactive mind is by no means easy but it is possible and the end result is very satisfying.

There is a saying that best personifies positive thinking. “Every black cloud has a silver lining.” That should be
our attitude. Learn something from every bad experience/situation. And even from a good experience.

The human mind thrives on expectancy. We are always expecting something, either good or bad. As our expectations
normally take shape, why not expect good things? So positive thinking will bring forth good things and negative
thinking negative things.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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