February 3, 2018
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February 4, 2018
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Stunning bedroom lighting ideas

Courtesy of Hirsch's Decor


Bedrooms have evolved from slumber zones into multi-functional rooms that can be tricky to illuminate. Here are eight tips for freshening up your lighting

Ceiling light

A central ceiling light will cast a good even glow around the entire room that’s perfect for general everyday tasks, such as getting dressed on dark mornings, cleaning and putting away laundry.

Task lights

If your bedroom doubles up as a home office or a dressing room, carefully-placed task lighting could be the answer. A directional table lamp – like an anglepoise – is an excellent choice for a workspace, while a floor lamp, or a wall sconce positioned by a mirror is perfect for putting on make-up or blow-drying hair.

Reading lamps

Book lovers should balance a relaxing glow with suitable brightness so vision doesn’t become strained. Height-adjustable, wall-mounted lamps are a versatile option, but make sure they’re well shielded so you don’t see the bulb, and you can read without disturbing your partner.

Romantic lighting

Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere, or a relaxing haven, soft accent lighting is key to setting the tone in your bedroom. Installing a dimmer switch with different settings is a quick and easy way to set the scene, but clusters of church candles and strings of fairy lights work just as well.

Wardrobe lighting

Navigating the dark recesses of your wardrobe can be frustrating at the best of times, so take the stress out of getting dressed by installing LED lighting. As well as being able to see your clothes, it’s energy efficient too.

Natural lighting

Make the most of any natural light in your room by keeping voluminous curtains neatly tied back to allow as much light as possible to filter in during the day. Alternatively, a simple net curtain will diffuse light for a softer effect, while maintaining privacy in your room.

Blocking out light

As a general rule, the darker the room, the deeper you sleep, so take care to eliminate any light sources that may disturb you. Blackout blinds, or lining, will filter out external annoyances, but remember to turn off any plugs and electrical equipment inside your room.

Choosing the right bulbs

Bulbs come in all shapes, sizes and intensities, so it’s worth shopping around to find ones that compliment your scheme. Decorative filament bulbs will add a retro feel to your interior, while halogens provide a crisp, sharp light. For a warm yellowish glow, choose a low wattage – or the Kelvin equivalent.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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