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Stunning colour schemes for the bedroom

Colour introduces character, quality, and ambience to any area and the bedroom is no exception. Infuse your bedroom with fresh colour to give it a décor boost. Below are colour schemes that will sooth, uplift, and give your bedroom added style.

Grey with white
This classic combination is stylish and soothing. Use various tones of grey to keep it interesting


Grey, cream and purple
The most versatile shade in this group is purple. Purple can be lavender, plum, mauve, or lilac.


Grey, white, and tan
This somewhat muted, neutral colour combination is ideal for bedrooms with casual, classic décor.


Yellow, black, white and grey
This unique colour scheme can be used in a number of combinations.


Navy with coral
These two colours balance out each other and will give your bedroom a chic, stylish tone.


Indigo with white
Indigo is a mystifying hue. It works beautifully with white but is best used as the accent colour. However, if you can stand dark walls paint your bedroom walls in indigo and wrap your bed in indigo/white linens.


Black with white
No two colours are as famous together as black and white. If you love timeless decor, this is the colour scheme to use.

d12Black white and yellow-lime
Black and white on its own is classic. Adding a yellow-lime hue creates an art deco feel. If you want your bedroom to look posh, choose this colour combination.


Navy blue, black and white
This luscious colour scheme is as chic as it gets with a bit of sophistication thrown in as well.


White, gold and beige
A perfect bedroom colour scheme that is majestic and elegant.


Black, brown, white and green
If you own a beach house this combination would be splendid as a bedroom colour scheme.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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