Styling your Living & Dining Room

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September 30, 2018
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October 1, 2018
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Styling your Living & Dining Room


We love this new traditional dining and living room

If you’ve been following design styles and trends, you may have noticed that traditional decorating has been evolving.   It’s still traditional, of course, but with some interesting twists and turns.

To differentiate it from the past, many are calling the style New Traditional.  (Logical choice.)

New Traditional Decorating

Traditional furniture is still beautiful and classic, but it’s being made with simpler forms, lighter finishes, and a combination of unique materials that add a modern feel.

Colour schemes have become softer and less saturated, and spaces are cleaner and simpler with fewer, larger accessories rather than a multitude of smaller items.

Here are two great examples of how to bring this style into your space.

dining room

If you currently have dark walls that you don’t want to paint, this room shows a way to still get the look. Balance the room with breezy white sheers, a lighter rug, and light fabrics and finishes.

Mix, but don’t completely match furniture for a more relaxed, eclectic look.  In this case, the manufacturer did it for us.

Modern pendant lights add another interesting design element.

An interesting mix of materials is one of the elements of the new traditional design

living room

In this room, we used a lighter palette, interesting contrast, a mix of textures and materials, and beautiful, classic furniture with an updated look.

And function.  Pretty rooms are great, but you also want to be able to really use them. This room has fabrics and finishes that look great, but will still be functional enough for normal use.


Thank you blog.schneidermans for these great tips!

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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