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Create your own stylish home office

Courtesy of Hirsch's Decor

These smart workspaces and beautiful ideas are as creative as you are—whether you have space for just a desk, an extra room all to yourself, or a standalone studio you can call your own.

Be organised

One of the most important aspects of a home office is the task of staying organised. Working from home might be less stressful than a commute to the office, but working from home has it's own challenges.

Stay organised and on top of all your tasks, while separating work from home with these great boards that you can hang on your office walls

Take a seat

The chair you choose is very important for your posture and comfort.

Choose a comfortable chair that you can spend at least 7 - 9 hours in a day without making your back feel sore. This bucket chair is the perfect, stylish seating companion for your dream home office.

Choose a corner

If you do not have an extra room in your home to dedicate to a home office, consider the addition of a desk in your bedroom, whether it be the master or a guest room.

A bedroom can be the perfect spot to squeeze in an office if no other options are available. It’s peaceful and away from distractions that you will find in the main living areas.

Plush comfort

Beside the desk is a similarly white chair with dotted and striped pillows on the seat, and any guest would feel almost at home.

Paintings with pastel accents composed of blues, pinks and corals give off a minimalist style in white rectangular frames hung upright.

Get your ducks in a row

Getting your ducks in a row doesn’t have to be such a drag

Paperwork, bills and receipts — every home office has them. Keep things clean and easy to access by storing them on a bookshelf in neat little folders and boxes.

Use the drawers

A home office should be organised and free from clutter.

Keep bulky and unnecessary office equipment neatly stored in the drawers of your desk. That gives you more desk space and when you need to print, simply open the drawer and do what you need to get done.


You don't have to adopt a whitewashed, minimal aesthetic if that's not your style.

This pretty, bohemian-inspired desk space is a prime example.

Monochromatic Calming

Unique furniture choices and a monochromatic calming design scheme with pops of pattern and gold unified the space.

Décor includes touches of wood, stone, plants, and gold to introduce nature and a touch youthful elegance.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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