Stylist Tips: Fun, Stay-Cool Gear for Summer Workouts

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November 5, 2018
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November 5, 2018
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Stylist Tips: Fun, Stay-Cool Gear for Summer Workouts

Summer is just officially here. Blazing temps have us looking for ways to infuse a little cool into our summer workouts, whether in the gym, studio, or the great outdoors. Stylist and fitness fanatic Tatjana stepped in with a solution: adding fun pops of colour to your summer workout gear.

Stylist Exclusive: Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

For hot yoga or a day playing beach volleyball, less is more. A sports bra and short shorts can even double as a swimsuit. No matter your shape or size, the freedom of movement possible in these shorts is so liberating. I encourage everyone to give them a try!


Stylist Exclusive: Party in the USA

Party in the USA

I love to up the fun factor with a brightly patterned bottom; they give me an extra boost of energy for spin class and HIIT workouts. (I call them my “party pants.”)

Stylist Exclusive: (Sir) Mix a Lot

(Sir) Mix a Lot

Versatile staples you can rely on are a necessity for days when you’re rushing out the door to your workout. Keep things simple–but still interesting–with a neutral-colored patterned set. You can mix and match the pieces with your other workout gear in every colour.

Thank you for these super tips!

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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