November 7, 2016
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November 8, 2016
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Margaret has been an  inspiration in the lives of many young South African girls.  We recently caught up with one of them,  Tebogo Petlele,  a Durban Global Shaper @ World Economic Forum and also a participant of 2016 Leader Academy. Tebogo is the founder of  Seponono, a variety of beautiful African Print headscarves for  women. She is also ambassador for The Sett – a co working space for entrepreneurs.

Tebogo first met Margaret  at the Durban Entrepreneurs Club monthly event at the Durban Country Club earlier this year,  when she came to share her own entrepreneurial  journey with KZN Entrepreneurs.  “I remember hearing about  the struggle she and her husband had  been through with their business, and how she became successful through all the obstacles, and her spirit of empowering and grooming women to dream bigger. I was inspired and understood that this journey I was about to embark on was not going to be easy but worth the travel.” Tebogo told us.

Tebogo met with Margaret later that year. “She gave me a lots of advice, as well as homework to do. She asked me to find out about the Standard Bank Incubator programme and Lioness Lean In. What I loved about that, was the fact that she gave me guidance and allowed me to do the actual work myself. I had many obstacles at that time but I kept moving forward.

Standard Bank Incubator offered her an opportunity, and in August she  invoiced them as her first client. “They purchased my headscarves for Lioness Lean In breakfast event and they were used as gift packages for guest speakers in Durban, Johannebburg and Cape Town. It was at that moment I realised that my dreams were becoming reality.  My Business won a Business Price Package worth R100 000 from SnappSales. I also did a motivational talk at Mancosa for  a Women’s Month event sharing my self-1discovery Journey that turned into a business.” 

“My business is less than 3 months old and Standard Bank Incubator showed me that everyone is allowed to dream bigger. I will be attending the Standard Bank Bootcamp (11-13 November 2016) which I found out about from Standard Bank Incubator. I recently attended a conference called Shape Africa’16 in Mauritius with fellow Global Shapers from all around the world, and I learnt a lot from that conference.

Margaret is always challenging me to keep thinking bigger and that keeps me on my toes. In her I saw true open door policy even with her staff. You are guaranteed to share a great laugh with her and expand your dreams even bigger after each meeting

My biggest wish is for all Women across the World to find their purpose in life and impact the world. 
My brainchild campaign is that on the 18th  of each  month we celebrate Seponono Headscarf Day. #IamSeponono (Seponono is a Tswana Word that describes the beauty of a woman).
I encourage women to wear their headscarves on that day and help  impact on the lives of  the homeless, colleagues, family, security guards, your helper at home,  teller at the bank,  and yourself.  I am not afraid to dream bigger, work harder and create targets for myself.
The journey continues….

With Love


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.