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Thank you.

We were discussing this the other day so often we say sorry when we are not really sorry, read this article and thought i would share it with you

Am a person who likes to say ‘I am sorry’ a lot. For example, if I am half an hour late to meet a friend,
I will apologize. I apologize because I do not like upsetting people. I believe that an apology (even small things) can make people look back at possibly bad things in positive things.

But in a certain situation, over apologizing can lead others to doubt you or lose confidence in your capabilities. “I am sorry” is said so often, it may lose their meaning. Many times it is hard to express emotions you have into words. That’s why it’s good to know different ways to convey our emotion properly.

When you’re late to meet someone, instead of saying “Sorry, I’m late,” replace to say, “THANK YOU for your patience.”

When you’re taking up your friend’s time, instead of saying “Sorry, I’m dragging your time,” replace to say, “THANK YOU for spending time with me.”

When you’re going through a hard time, instead of saying “Sorry, I’m giving you trouble,” replace to say “THANK YOU for your understanding.”

When you never do what you suppose to do, instead of saying “Sorry, I am such a disappointment,” replace to say “THANK YOU for your having hope in me.”

By saying “thank you”, you are recognizing the other person contribution. Besides that, you aren’t affecting what the person thinks of you but instead praising the person for what they did instead.

You are giving gratitude into positive energy instead of negativity. Does this give you inspiration?

Feel free to share with me different ways to substitute “Thank You” with “Sorry” or give me a thumbs up!

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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