The Best Workout Clothes

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The Best Workout Clothes

With the holidays looming in just under four months, there is suddenly pressure to get summer ready, as the old saying goes, summer bodies are made in winter! So the only way to achieve this is by exercising and following a strict eating plan, but the gyms and fitness clubs have also become a place for socialising or to be seen so there is the added pressure of what to wear, thats why I love this article by on the best workout clothes:














Time for some truth: I haven’t always loved running. In fact, I used to absolutely HATE it. I dread it every single time, always thinking of an excuse to get out of it. But surprisingly, when I had a baby, something in me shifted, and I found the only workout I really had time for was running. It’s free, it gets you out of the house, it has an insane amount of mental benefits, you can do it while pushing a stroller (score!) and it requires zero equipment. Well, besides some great inspirational fitness gear, of course. (Especially for someone like me, whose main workout motivation is cute activewear.) Here to share a bit of that motivation, these are my tips for finding the best workout clothes for running. They’ll get you out of the house and hitting the pavement in no time!














  1. Pick the Right Shoe

When it comes to running shoes, comfort is the number one most important aspect for me and style comes shortly after that. I am a fashion blogger, after all! Find a shoe you can run comfortably in for an extended period, has good arch support, and is cushiony. I like feeling like I’m barely wearing shoes at all, and I always size up in my running shoes, so there’s more room for my feet to expand and move.


  1. Compression is Everything

I loooove me some compression leggings for running. They hold everything in just right, so there isn’t any extra jiggle while I run. (We’re all human—you know what I’m talking about!) I usually prefer capris or 7/8 tights for a good run session because they support more muscle groups. For larger-busted ladies, a good compression bra can also make or break your run. Choose high-coverage styles with thicker straps for maximum comfort and support.















  1. Dress For the Weather

This may seem self-explanatory, but for you stubborn gals out there (myself included), be sure to check the weather before your run and dress accordingly. You may have your favorite pair of workout capris, but if it’s 70+ degrees, grab those shorts instead! There is nothing worse than being hot and miserable during your run. Plus, there are some cute shorts out there! Alternatively, if it’s a cold day, layers are key! If I start my run in the morning when it’s cool and the temperature quickly warms up, I can easily peel off my outer layer to stay comfortable. I just tie it around my waist and keep running!














  1. Focus On the Little Things

Finding workout clothes that are both cute and functional is a must: a tank top that I can tie or wear as-is for multiple looks, a pair of high-waist leggings that stay put, and probably the best find ever—a hidden waistband pocket to hold your key while you run. Genius! As in all aspects of life, it’s truly the little things that matter. Your workout attire should be no different.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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