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June 29, 2016
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The Great Cook off with Hirsch’s and Defy

Recently, Hirsch’s Ballito held their annual Junior Superchef competition sponsored by Defy Appliances, Snappy Chef, Zwilling and Green Pan. Children between the ages of eight and thirteen, were required to cook two dishes of their choice, from a basket of mystery ingredients, within an hour.

The competition, which is in its second year gives children an opportunity to be creative, while being assisted by a judging panel of Chef’s and food lovers, who are able to guide and advise the kids on their recipe idea’s.

“When I was this age, fried egg was difficult to cook. I am blown away by the unbelievable talent and idea’s such young children come up with “, said Joani Mitchell, former Masterchef contestant, who was a judge for the evening alongside Chelsea Campbell, Lewaine Von Alleman and David Hoehler.

Everyone who took part came up with different meal presentations, however, there could only be one winner for the evening, and Alexandra da Silva took the top spot! The Nine year old WOWED the judges with her red pepper stuffed chicken roulade, topped with a sauce of her own, and served with a dessert of lemon flapjacks. She could not contain her excitement at winning the event, and after an hour of nerves, her family were more than relieved at the announcement of her winning.

Da Silva took home a Defy stick blender and has made it into the finals of Junior Super Chef 2016, which take place at the Celebrity Kitchen at The East Coast Radio House and Garden Show on Friday, 8 July at 5.30 pm. The overall winner will get a Defy microwave, a Snappy Chef induction hob, a Zwilling pot set, a Defy pressure cooker and a Hirsch’s Cookbook. Second place gets a Defy juice extractor, a Snappy Chef knife set and a Hirsch’s Cookbook, and third prize gets a Defy kettle and toaster, a Defy blender and a Hirsch’s Cookbook.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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