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Jonathan Adler 2019 Home Decor Trends
I loved this article from on Jonathan Adlers take on trends for 2019 especially since they used LG appliances that we stock at Hirsch’s, have a read below for some design inspiration:

The start of the new year is best celebrated with all manner of refreshes. As we honor earth’s revolution around the sun, we embrace new resolutions, set new goals, and of course, seek out new trends. For the design lovers and homemakers looking for trust-worthy advice–trends that are equally au courant and timeless–acclaimed designer Jonathan Adler, who recently partnered with LG Electronics’ premium home line LG SIGNATURE, gives us the inside scoop on how to make your home its most stylish yet for 2019.

ELLE DECOR: What are some décor trends that you predict will prevail in 2019?

JONATHAN ADLER: The one “trend” I think will continue is that we live in a chaotic, anything-goes world and the same is true for décor and design. People mix high with low, new with vintage, hyper-sleek with hyper-layered, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jonathan Adler 2019 Home Decor Trends
A custom banquette area mixes modern and vintage touches, with rich layers of texture.

Alex Lukey

ED: Are there any space-specific trends that you think will be “in” in 2019?’

JA: When I am designing for clients, they used to want to hide their appliances. Now they want to show them off. LG Signature is an appliance you want to show off–they blend minimalist, sophisticated design with ultra-smart technology, so they look as good as they work.

Jonathan Adler 2019 Home Decor Trends
A modern kitchen incorporates sleek appliances that enhance the room’s aesthetic.

Courtesy of LG SIGNATURE

ED: What colors will be on trend this year?

JA: Well, I certainly hope it’s blue; it’s a miracle color. Every blue plays well with every other blue, and the right shade can transport you from the rain-soaked English countryside to the Aegean Sea.

Jonathan Adler 2019 Home Decor Trends
Moody blues in a New York City apartment.

Mikkel Vang

ED: What trends should we be leaving in 2018?

JA: There aren’t any rules with trends, and (generally speaking) I think people should love what they want to love, and find ways to make it work. That being said, I hope taxidermy gets left behind. It’s just sad.

ED: What are some ways in which people can revamp or reimagine their existing décor/home aesthetic without fully renovating?

JA: Three words: rugs, rugs, rugs. Swapping your rug instantly changes the entire room and sets the perfect foundation for your décor. Or, if you’re looking for a good party trick, you can pause a scene from your favorite movie on your TV. I would recommend the LG Signature OLED TV because it’s super thin, and the picture is really great. It’ll wow your guests if the conversation begins to lag.

Jonathan Adler 2019 Home Decor Trends
In this Miami penthouse, a custom rug was designed to mirror the ocean.

ED: How do you see smart technology affecting home design, and what are some ways in which you can seamlessly incorporate it into your home aesthetic?

JA: Technology has become a status symbol, like a well-designed home. Now clients put more thought into things like their appliances because they become a part of their overall style.

ED: How do you see greener living and sustainability affecting home design/trends in 2019? Do you have any suggestions on how to work toward a more environmentally friendly home in the new year?

JA: Buy better stuff that you’ll want to keep forever and never throw out. My company’s motto is, “If your heirs won’t fight over it, we won’t make it.”

Jonathan Adler 2019 Home Decor Trends
In a Milan apartment, a table displays handmade semiprecious stone spheres which have been passed down for generations.

James Merrell

ED: What’s one piece of furniture or décor that you’re excited to buy in 2019?

JA: Our Reform Credenza is pretty epic, and I’m not just saying that because I designed it.

Jonathan Adler 2019 Home Decor Trends
The Reform Credenza by Jonathan Adler

Courtesy of Jonathan Adler

ED: Do you have any home upgrades that you plan to do in 2019?

JA: Maybe a new husband? Just kidding, Simon! Or am I?

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