August 11, 2017
The importance of a strong corporate brand
August 11, 2017
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The Yin Yang of Sales

Hirsch’s Meadowdale recently hosted a  dynamic Women in Business Networking event with entrepreneurs within the community eager to network and to listen to two experts in their fields, Stephen van Basten (Relationship guru) and Vinesh Maharaj (Sales guru).

Stephen started off by talking about Face Pattern Recognition.  “Using face pattern recognition can be very useful in building valuable relationships with our customers before closing the sale.  Based on people’s face patterns you can determine what their personality traits are and the manner in which they conduct business.  From there it is easy to alter your sales pitch according to their personality.”  He commented.

Vinesh, on the other hand, uses a different approach to building relationships with customers and closing the sale.  “Using a cold calling system and face to face interaction is very important.  Make a commitment, get skilled and get to work.  By simply calling and setting up a meeting you are already half way there, from there a good sales pitch is all you need to close the deal.” He said.

After Stephen and Vinesh’s talk each of the ladies were given the opportunity to present themselves and their business in a 30-second ‘elevator pitch ’, followed by some lucky draws, networking, sharing of business cards and enjoying some refreshments.

If you would like to join Hirsch’s Networking Mornings contact Letitia Haywood on letitia@hirschs.co.za

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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