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Top 8 indoor plants for your home

Growing indoor plants is easy and just as fun as having an outdoor garden.

In fact, indoor plants not only help clean the environment around them, but they act as a quick decorating tool.

Gazebo Glass Terrarium

Grow a serene oasis of green or use this romantic Gazebo Terrarium to showcase small curios, holiday ornaments or found objects like pebbles or sea glass.

A hinged door makes planting and watering easy, and closes to maintain the humidity that many plants need to thrive.

Windowsill succulents

Show off your green fingers with a succulent planter in your favourite windowsill.

Succulents make for excellent house plants as they need very little water and attention, just plenty of sunlight to thrive.

Hanging plants

Bring an empty space or corner to life with a few hanging potplants.

Hanging potplants are easy to maintain and to water you can add a few blocks of ice every few days to keep them alive and well.

String of pearls

These unusual-looking indoor plants add visual interest to a room, and they haven't fallen out of fashion after years of popularity in the home.

Add a touch of uniqueness to the bedroom with this unusual string of pearls plant, perfect for a sunny spot in the room.

Snake plant

It doesn't get much easier than this indoor house plant—also sometimes known as mother-in-law's tongue!

It has variegated leaves that grow upright, and some varieties' leaves have yellow or white edges. It has small white flowers that bloom only rarely.

Water Lily

Invite nature into your home and transform an empty space into an oasis of wonderful water plants.

Grow your very own water lily in a glass dome to add a soft touch to any room. The bright coloured flowers will bring life and good energy to any space.

Amazing Aloe

This succulent with long pointed leaves has medicinal properties you probably well know from product labels. It can grow three feet high for big impact indoors.

Smaller varieties like the popular aloe vera, work great in small, sunny indoor spaces.

Jade Plant

For those who love the look of a succulent—not to mention the ease of care—a jade plant offers thick, lush leaves and visually interesting branches.

It grows slowly and has the potential to live from your kids' birth until their high school graduations— at least! It also looks great in a pretty pot when paired with other succulent varieties.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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