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Update your home with these tips

Decorating with trends most often doesn't involve a full-blown makeover, but more likely just a few small changes that will refresh our space all year round.

New Modernism

The term "modern" is most often used in reference to midcentury designs or stark contemporary décor, but a few designers are predicting a new wave of modern designs—one that is a little warmer and more organic.


After Pantone announced its color of the year for 217, it was no surprise that the nature-inspired tone started popping up everywhere. Green is the official color of 2017.

Beautiful Function

As people move back to urban environments, smaller-scale living in style will inspire us to focus on furnishings that look amazing and offer great multifunction.

Attention to Art

Art is taking center stage at home this year—a trend possibly influenced by the democratization of buying art online. Art collecting is continuously on the rise, but people are now basing entire rooms around their collections

Sunset Colours

Ochre yellow is going to be big this year. Beloved fabric lines, like Christopher Farr Cloth, have several patterns that incorporate this lesser-known color with great skill.

Light spaces

Open and airy rooms with lighter color palettes, well-edited furnishings, and spaces where modern design meets one's personality, interiors that are easy, friendly, and inviting.


The trends for 2017 involve more monochromatic layering—or tastefully layering all different types of textures in a similar color scheme. Think pleating and draping with large-scale wovens textiles and plush mohairs—not to mention classical, elegant bouclés and tweeds, which are making a big comeback!

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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