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December 21, 2017
Stop Doing This… and You’ll Change Your Life…
December 22, 2017
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Using Your Power

You have tremendous power

You have the power to create, attract, manifest and have what you want

So are you using your power correctly?

Most people don’t know how to use their power so they end up getting more of what they don’t want. That often means more negative events, more bad relationships, not having enough money, not enjoying life
and never achieving their goals.

When you use your power correctly, you will

  • Make more money,
  • Meet the right person,
  • Grow your business,
  • Have more free time,
  • Reduce or eliminate stress,
  • Get the right job,
  • Make the Right choices and really enjoy life

You’ll achieve your goals and experience more success in every area of your life.

Until now no one showed you just how to use the tremendous power that you have.

No one really explained just what this power is and how it really works.

Well, today that all changes.

Today I show you how just what this power is and to use your power so that you get what you want in life

Everyday you’re directing and using your power.

You do this with your thoughts, beliefs, and words

This power is always at work.

This power is your subconscious mind
It’s connected to your higher power.
It’s connected to everyone and every thing.

It will do what you tell it to do.

It will follow your instructions.

Those instructions are your thoughts, beliefs and words.

Your subconscious will bring you the people, situations and opportunities that mirror what you say, think, and believe.

So if you’re negative, think of the worst, have doubts, worry and don’t think things will work out then your life will simply get harder and harder.

When you’re negative you’ll make the wrong choices,
You’ll associate with people who don’t really help you.
You’ll get into the wrong relationships.
And you won’t make as much money as you want, you’ll even lose the money you have.

Of course you don’t want any of that to happen.
You don’t want to struggle and make your life harder.

However, your life will get more difficult when you fill your mind and subconscious mind with negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

These negative thoughts and beliefs block your success and prevent you from breaking through and getting what you want.

  • If you’re not living the life you want,
  • If you’re not making as much money as you want,
  • If you think of the worst.

If you’re saying things like:

  • “I can’t.”
  • “I don’t know how”
  • “I don’t have any money.”
  • “Life’s hard”

Or any similar negative statements then you’ve got a number of blocks on your subconscious mind that are holding you back.

You have to get rid of these blocks, get rid of the negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

Nothing will change until you do.
Instead, life will just get harder and things will continue to get more and more difficult.

You’ve had enough. Now get rid of the negative thinking

  • Get rid of the negative beliefs.
  • Get rid of the negative attitude.
  • Get rid of the blocks.

Direct your subconscious mind to bring you exactly what you want.
Give it the right thoughts, and the right beliefs.

  • You want a better life.
  • You want to have more money.
  • You want to achieve your goals.
  • You want to make the right choices.
  • You can.
  • You will.

When you give your subconscious mind the right instructions. Those instructions are your thoughts, and beliefs.

Any thoughts that say you can’t or any doubts that you have need to be changed.

These negative thoughts are tied to negative beliefs on your subconscious which support those negative thoughts.

They also need to be changed.

Negative thoughts, and negative beliefs lead to an overall negative attitude.

As you change them you’ll change your attitude.

You’ll also get rid of the blocks that are preventing you from getting exactly what you want. The longer these blocks stay on your subconscious the stronger they get. And that’s why life gets harder and that’s why you’ll continue to struggle (if these blocks remain).

So get rid of these blocks today.

Get rid of the negative thoughts and beliefs.

Give your subconscious mind the right instructions.

So that it brings you exactly what you want.

So that you get what you want

Put an end to the pain and struggle

You have tremendous power.

You can and will achieve all your goals.

So that you get more of what you want.

Use this power to change your life. That power is your subconscious mind. Give it the right instructions so that you enjoy the life you want today Start applying and using your power the right way

Wishing you tremendous success…
Sent with love,


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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