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What A Success Personality Should Be Like.

We all have our own definition of success. For many of us it’s measured primarily in terms of money and wealth, but there are clearly other important aspects of success. Some people value the freedom to spend their time as they want, others value the ability to help those in need. Yet, whatever the metric, there are a core set of personality traits that are common to all successful people.

​​​Today, I am sharing with you What A Success Personality Should Be Like.

TOP 5 PERSONALITY TRAITS (Which Steve Job, Jack Ma, Warren Buffet adopts)

1. A Need to Compete

Successful people obsess over creative ways to get a leg up on their competition. And they hate losing with an abiding passion. People often confuse this with work ethic. But working hard isn’t the objective. It’s the competitive drive to do more than anyone else in pursuit of your dream that paves the pathway to success.

2. The Capacity to Let go

There is an important corollary to #1 above. I don’t care how successful you are, holding onto to the past or your latest mistake will only serve to slow you down. Successful people are not anchored by the past. They learn from it–fast–and move on to a bigger challenge.

3. Be Grateful

I recall doing a series of interviews with space shuttle astronauts, incredibly successful people who had every right to be arrogant, and yet they were the most incredibly grateful people I’d ever met. They realized how fortunate they were to be where they were, and weren’t shy about sharing it.

4. Compulsively Working their Network

One of the most consistently common traits of successful people is their ability to relentlessly work their network. All success is built on a network of human connections that need to be nurtured and reinforced.

5. A Passion for Improvement

Successful people are perpetually trying to improve themselves. They are their worst critics–never satisfied; always striving to be better. The person they most need to best is themselves.

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Margaret Hirsch
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