December 13, 2017
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December 13, 2017
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What is the Ideal Life you want??

Write out what your ideal life looks like.

If you do not know where to start make a list of all the things you do not like and change them into positive statements you would like.
For example, I do not like being single, you would want to change into being with your ideal partner, someone who you are laughing and smiling with. Think about all areas of your life – your home, your work, your relationships, your finances, your hobbies etc.
On a broader picture, you want to reflect on what is the meaning of life to you.

  • Is having an ideal life partner most important to you?
  • Is it power or authority?
  • Do you want a higher paying, more fulfilling job with more respect?
  • Do you want to accumulate as much wealth as possible?
  • Do you want to go for the long awaited holiday?

Is it simply having the free time to enjoy running, hiking, yoga, etc?
When deciding which ideal life you want to achieve, only consider your own desire.

If you choose a life that other people chose for you, you will hardly achieve it and even if you do, you will be unhappy once your goal becomes your reality. Reflect and jot down what excites you, drives you, and will propel you into action.

What is your deepest desire?

What is the meaning of life to you?

You have to know EXACTLY what you want if you want to achieve it. The more specific and detailed you can be – the faster it arrives.

Until you are able to know what you want, you will only be drifting along in life. This could take 20 minutes or an entire day depending on the depth of soul searching. Then you are going to put that into a 5, 3, and 1-year plan to achieve your dreams.

Take a moment to ponder:

What are your dreams for the next five years?

  • Working backwards, what then would be your milestone in 3 years time?
  • What goal should you have at end of the first year?

Here is my example:

My 5-year dream Bought a beautiful apartment in a high rise building.
Work 3 days a week. I have my business and i am earning R150,000 per month I’m married to the person I wanted My 3-year milestone Bought a new car Work 4 days a week, I am self-employed

Earning R100,000 per month I am in a relationship with the person I love
My 1-year plan I have started a new business and earning an extra income of R10 000 per month Work 5 days a week in a full time job I have found and started dating the person I desired Noticed that this structure helps you built and monitor your dream progressively? Do not be afraid to dream big!
Research has shown that even if you do not meet your dream you will achieve result close to your dream.

Add Emotions To Your Dreams

In addition to writing down your goals, also write down the emotions you would feel if you had already achieved them. You’ll see a bit further on that generating the emotions and feelings of success is the key on how to visualize effectively. So, a little way to cheat the system a bit is by working these out before hand, and noting them down too.

For example:

Goal: Work 3 days a week– Add Emotions I feel financially secure of myself for having a passive income I feel confident that I do not need to hang on to a day job like what 90% of the population does I feel relax from the free time I have. I am happy and feel awesome!
When you think about these and write them down, you should start to feel that little excited twitch in your belly that tells you you’re on the right path… This will save you a lot of time and effort later when you’re actually visualizing.

Visualization Script

This is like writing a script of the movie you are going to produce….in your mind. There is temptation to skip this step as it requires some work and you cannot go into visualization right away. Here, I need to caution you that our mind is like a monkey, our thoughts keeps jumping from one scene to another. Thoughts come in anytime such as your work situation, partying or what laptop to buy. If, however, you have your Visualization written down, you can simply open your eyes, re-read your notes, and gently ease yourself back into that very happy place. Visualize one goal at a time if you have more than one. It could be health, career, and money or relationship goal.
Jot down a few bullet points. Simply note down your goals, and a couple of elaborations to give my imagination a little nudge in the right direction.
Here is an example of a script for a Relationship Goal, to have a girlfriend by the end of this year.

The script goes like this: The scene is at a round table with chairs, near my workplace. It was in the morning 15 minutes before work. We were at a coffee shop near my workplace. She is keeping me company before I leave for work. Her adoring eyes were looking at me and she is caressing my arm.
Every moment was precious for her, as I have to leave her for work soon. She misses me. I felt happy and contended.

I actually saw this couple at a coffee shop near where I was going to a client’s office in the morning.

If this is what you want, remember this scene for your visualization exercise.
If you are a woman, you could imagine how he hugs you.

Watch A Video Clip

What I found very useful is to view a video clip prior to beginning visualization.

Just to illustrate what I mean by this.

There was once I was watching a ruby match and i photographed the guy that i thought would be my ideal partner – as it turned out my ideal partner was playing rugby when i met him!

If your goal is to go on a holiday and stay in a comfortable hotel, I have this encounter to share with you. I was on a business trip and although the client has put me up in an average hotel but they put me in a suite! I felt excited the moment I walked into the room… well staying a suite for the first time! It had a bedroom with a TV, dressing table, walk in closet, and a bathroom like any usual hotel room. This is only a third of the total area of the suite. There is also a large living room with another TV and a big sofa. The living room was so spacious that the TV and sofa occupy only half of the living room.

The other half of the living room had a round dining table with chairs. Additionally there was a kitchen with a refrigerator and cooking appliances. Therefore, it was like staying in an apartment.
The suite was on the forty-third floor and the view was fantastic. I took out up my phone and took a video clip, recording also my voice as I walked around the suite describing the scene. Towards the end of the video as the camera pointed out of the window and towards the view far below, I uttered in excitement – Whoa!

Hence, this video has greatly aided my visualization exercise of being able to achieve this holiday with my own money. I wanted this lifestyle. Being able to travel and stay in this environment anytime and anywhere I wanted.

Go and visit show houses on sundays and take pictures of the house you would like to live in.

Soak In The Environment

One of my goals is to own and stay in a high rise apartment in 5 years’ time. I had a friend who has recently moved into a newly purchased high rise apartment. I took the opportunity to visit the apartment. The first time I was in the apartment, I loved the tranquility in the surroundings.
The apartment was on the top floor. I sat beside the windows looking out at the sea and the city. It was so calm and serene. I have always stayed on low floors but now I am beginning to like the higher floors. My friend walked me through the gym, swimming pools, and later the walkways towards a nearby shopping mall for dinner.

On another visit, we soaked in the Jacuzzi looking at the sky and the trees. We went to the steam bath near the gym. It was again a pleasurable experience and is what I wanted.
So having soaked in the environment both mentally and physically will make your visualization real.
Therefore, the exercise today is to find an environment you would like to have in future and spend some time there. If you are not able to do this today, constantly remind yourself to pick up this exercise when the opportunity arises.

Put Up Pictures Of Your Dreams

This is a vision board.

Put a picture of yourself in the middle of the vision board – just your face stuck onto the body you desire!

Say your dream is to own a car.
Obtain a picture of the car you dream of having, cut it out, and paste in on a cardboard sheet and label it “Vision Board.”

Place the Vision Board at a location you get to see all the time.
I placed it on the mirror above the washbasin so every morning and evening when I brush my teeth I look at it.
By looking at the pictures frequently, you get into visualization easier.
If you do not want others to see the picture (say, it is a desirable man or woman), you can paste it in your cupboard or slip the cutout picture inside a book for privacy. However, I find that there is a tendency to forget about it after awhile. Do take note that if do not look at it often, it does not work.

Your First Visualization Exercise

First, find a quiet place where you can practice visualization.
An ideal spot would be a quiet spot in the house that is cool and has low lighting.

Close your eyes and relax.

It is important to be as relaxed as possible when you visualize.

I do my visualization in a comfortable chair and in a place that I will not be disturbed.

Do not do the visualization exercise lying down on the bed. It does not work.

Not only will you fall asleep, you will not be able to act out the scene lying down on the bed as compare with sitting up.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes to get your body relaxed. Try to focus on your breathing so that you would clear your mind from all random thoughts.

Take a quick glance at your written scripts, video clips, pictures and/or recalling your experience and ease yourself into the vision of your goal.
See yourself as already in the possession of your goal.

If your goal is to buy a new house, see yourself as already living in the new house and try to see all the details of each room and the garden.

Every day try to see more details of your goal so that you would finally achieve the feeling that the house is becoming more and more real in your mind.

If your goal is to earn a certain amount of money, you can visualize having lots of money and buying luxury things.

Go to the ATM, draw a balance on your account, Tippex out the amount you see and in a thick Koki pen write in the amount you would like to see.

See yourself having the lifestyle you want to have.

See yourself living where you want to live, driving cars you want to drive, with the family and friends you would like to have.
In other words, visualize the life you would live if you would have that much money.

Look around you and take in your surroundings – where are you?
Who else is there?
Wander over to these people and have a chat with them.

Take note that when visualizing the conversations, you cannot hear them.
What do I mean?

Can you remember the silent comedy movie Mr. Bean or the old movie of Charlie Chaplin? The speech cannot be heard, at most a mumble…. babababa….baba….bababa…and their motions are slightly fast forward.
Therefore, the scene appears like a dream, you do not actually hear the conversation.

Look for more details to make the picture clearer. What is the weather like? What are you wearing? Take the time to notice and feel the texture of your clothes, the temperature of the room, and any other small details you see when you look around.

The key is to make the pictures in your mind as bright and vivid as you can.
See yourself acting the way you want to be. Notice what you are doing and how you are doing it. Pay attention to every little detail of your routine.
Again, the more life-like this is, the better the results you will get.
If done correctly your eyes are closed, your face is expressive.

It breaks into a smile, your mouth may even mumble bababa…bababa.
You might nod or tilt your head, and your hands move like in real conversation.

You might move your body or head to the sides too as you act out the scene.
What you are doing is effectively planting new memories into your subconscious – so if you make this memory even more vivid and detailed than a real memory, you will inevitably see strong results. Learning how to visualize requires learning how to create vivid, bright pictures in your mind.
Just enjoy the feeling of watching yourself act in an ideal way for you.
It’s pretty fun to see yourself doing this – and it helps you to realize the simple truth that if you can act this way in your head, it’s likely you can act like this for real.

If you are broke and desire more wealth, watch yourself pull out your wallet… Feel the weight of it in your hands.
Pull out the cash and count the hundreds or thousands you are carrying on you. Notice how all this cash feels in your hands. Noticed the texture and smell the money. Now, imagine going to an Automated Teller Machine and check your account balance – and watch the big number followed by all those zeros shows up on the screen. Notice how it feels to be so wealthy and in control of your finances. If you are overweight, visualize the body and weight that you want.
Visualize yourself in your new body, enjoying every minute of your transformation from being an overweight individual to a lean and sexy physique. Enjoy every minute of it and believe that you have already received it.

You see, before anything can falls into your hands, it must be created by your mind.

What is First And Third Person Visualization

Do you visualize from the perspective of the First or Third person?
This is a very common question.
Before I answer, let me explain what I mean by the First and Third person.
First person would be seeing through your own eyes. In this case, you are in fact yourself doing the visualization.
Third person would be seeing from outside your body. In this case, you are the observer – or ghost – watching yourself.
There are many theories, discussions and doubts about whether which perspective is better, First or Third. I believe both works well for different people and different types of goals.
For me I find visualizing in the First person more real.
You can try this experiment:
Be the observer at this point. Imagine that you are on the beach somewhere sunny and hot.
Now see yourself sitting on the beach, lying in the sand staring up into the sky.
Take note of how you feel.
Next, become yourself.
That means actually step inside your body and look through your own eyes.
Feel the glare from the sun, heat radiating from the sunshine and the sand beneath your feet.
Hear the waves crashing upon the shoreline and the breeze whispering in your ear.
See the beautiful colors in the sky and the brightness of the sun.
How did you feel this time?
Do you find that it is more real?
If the answer is yes, then in the First person helps you develop powerful feelings.
Being the observer may actually distant yourself – or move away from experiencing your feelings.

If you do not trigger feelings during your visualization, you will not attract the things you want.
You see, your subconscious mind “speaks” in emotions.
It does not understand much of anything else.
The more often you create powerful feelings, the more frequent you are speaking to your subconscious mind.

Feelings in Visualization

The most important part of the visualization is your feelings.
You absolutely must induce feelings into your vision; otherwise, your imagined goal will only remain imagined.
Feeling gives life to your inner vision and starts the growth of your goal into the material form.
So whenever you visualize, try to feel happy, enthusiastic, optimistic, or hopeful.
The more details of your vision you see, the easier it will be for you to arise the feeling.
In addition, the more real the image of your goal appears in your mind, the easier you will be able to introduce positive feelings into your vision.
Here is the key:
To succeed with Visualization, you must generate the same feelings and emotions that you would have as if you had already accomplished your goals.
As you learn how to visualize, try to see your emotions as the language that communicates your goals to your sub-conscious.
The pictures are there to show you what to look out for on your road to success – and the emotions and feelings are for the benefit of your brain.
That’s why jotting down the emotions before you start is so important – if you’re struggling a little, open your eyes, read your list of emotions again, really start feeling them – and dive back in.
Practice generating strong, intense feelings and emotions.
Really imagine yourself having succeeded – know how much it means to you to have finally won and become all you ever wanted to be – and they will come to you naturally.

Again, the stronger the feelings you generate – the more emotion you experience – the better and faster your Visualization results will be.
That is it! Now you know how to Visualize!
Visualize your goal for at least 5 minutes. Do them at least once a day.
For speedy results, visualize as often as you would like. Just do what feels right for you. It will be well worth your time.
If you have learnt how to visualize well, you will begin to see small improvements within a week or so. If you continue to practice, within a month you will experience some significant changes and begin to feel much better about yourself.
If you carry on visualizing beyond that, your self-image will indeed change and you will move quicker towards your goals than you ever imagined possible.
Remember to visualize daily and where possible, a few times a day.

A Word Of Caution As You Progress…
After a month or so as you progress, your current reality may change towards the reality when you had achieved your goal.
You may be a more confident person, more positive, more energize, smiling more often and more upbeat as you become more successful
Now that you are becoming more successful, you need to change the environment and the people around you.
Otherwise, they will hold you back because your reality has changed!
For instance, your goal is to be rich by a certain amount at a certain time and you are seeing some success.
Now, if you are still eating at the same food-courts as before.
Notice that the types of people that go to food-courts are different from the more successful people that go to more up market eating-places.
Similarly, notice that the types of people around the public housing area are different from the types of people around an upmarket block of flats or townhouses.
Similarly, being around engineers are different from being around managers.
Similarly, being with the same old friends that are negative and always complaining are different from new friends that are positive and progressing.
The examples can go on.
Now you have changed.
Have your surrounding changed too?
Let me share with you what I did.
Well, it’s a little sad but life has to go on.

Some of my old friends, I actually meet them less often.
My circle of friends has changed somewhat. Nowadays, they are mostly fun, lively and have an appetite to progress themselves.
I used to eat at takeaways or neighborhood shops.
Frankly speaking, the food tastes better.
So instead of eating there, I buy take away from these place and brought it home to eat.
This way, I have reduced my association with that environment.
Nowadays, I eat more frequently at cafés or restaurants, slowly but surely acquiring new tastes and habits.
Sometimes I would go to a posh hotel lobby, buy a drink, and just sit in the lobby and read a book.
Being there for a few hours, I am living in the reality that I want.
At times, I would go to an upmarket restaurant to read newspaper or work on my laptop instead of at the KFC or McDonalds frequented by retirees and jobless people.
Even if you have to breakaway from a relationship that you are hanging onto for some times but is not bringing you happiness.
It is better to move on than to hold on to such a relationship
Say to yourself -as I progress, I deserve someone better.
I really see myself moving towards my goals, and I am sure you would too!

I bet you’re probably wondering… “Where do I go from here?”
Well, The Power of Visualization is just the start.

Remember that ACTION is the key to making law of attraction work for you.

So don’t just use the visualization every day but DO NOTHING else at all…because NOTHING’s likely to happen…
I always like to use the example of the guy who’s looking forward to winning the lottery but does not even bother to go out and buy a lottery ticket. LOL…

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