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by: Team Tony

When was the last time you smiled, not because you felt like it, but just for the sake of smiling? You’d probably do it more often if you knew that smiling was making you happier. That’s right! If you made all the facial expressions you make when you’re excited, elated and thrilled, even when you don’t actually feel those emotions, the truth is that you’d see an immediate improvement in your mood. Why does this matter? Mood is everything, especially when it comes to accomplishing your goals.
In fact, take a moment to smile to yourself right now. Why does something as simple as a grin have so much power to motivate you?

Your mind interprets the events we experience within the framework you set for yourself, meaning that whether an experience is positive or negative is largely determined by our mood and state of mind. Think about it: the emotion and meaning our minds attach to events ultimately counts more than the experiences themselves, since they condition our willingness to experience and pursue them.

A positive state of mind can be what motivates you, and a negative state of mind can be what holds you back.

Mood is affected two different ways: by your physiology and your energy. What does it mean to say that your mood is partially determined by your physiology? Consider the signs and vibes that a motivated person radiates.

They smile, laugh and they more often than not shine with unbridled optimism. It’s true that certain goals and experiences cause these reactions, but this is only half the truth. Being happy, open to change, and optimistic also work the other way, making you predisposed to positively evaluating the task at hand, your life, and what the future brings if you accomplish your objectives. This can help you get motivated.

Mood is influenced by energy levels, too. It’s important to eat right, exercise and to otherwise take great care of yourself. Think about it: how can we expect our minds and bodies to tackle our responsibilities and ambitions when we starve them of nutrients and TLC? When you make the commitment to maintain your energy levels through natural means, like healthy eating and exercise, you’ll find that your state of mind will have improved as well.

Good energy levels, got it: how exactly do I maintain them? Treating your body and mind right via exercise and diet plays a big part in finding out how to be motivated. There are other factors as well, like making sure to breathe correctly. You’d be surprised how much of your energy comes down to breathing and to giving yourself enough time to reflect through morning meditation. If you really are serious about restoring that passion, that motivation, to succeed — not just professionally, but within all aspects of your life — you can start by taking the 10 Day Energy Challenge, which is built to comprehensively tackle this part of improving your mood and your day-to-day drive.

If you want to get motivated, you have to start by being in the mindset that you already are motivated. Remember the emotions you feel when you’re passionate about something and bring those to mind when tackling new projects and objectives. Finally, treat your body right — keep your chemical balance in line, eat the right foods and remember to breathe. Now you’re ready to turn your experiences into beliefs, and your beliefs into convictions.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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