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Whole Brain Thinking with Hirsch’s

Networking is one of the most crucial skills any businessperson can have, and understanding this, Hirsch’s Meadowdale offers business people in the community the opportunity to develop relationships with other entrepreneurs and potential clients, and grow their business, through their monthly held Business Networking Mornings.

Guest speaker at the June event, was Pepi Malamoglou who shared her expertise in Whole Brain communication and leadership to equip people to grow their own business. Pepi is an accomplished presenter and runs a successful training consultancy called Jordan Crossings, enabling people and companies to move from confusion to clarity.

Pepi’s topic for the morning was; Left of right? Does it matter? According to the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance, each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. Additionally, people are said to prefer one type of thinking over the other. “Our brains are divided into quarters; Left brain 1, which is the upper part of the brain, left brain 2, the lower part of the brain, right brain one, upper part of the brain and right brain 2, which is the lower part of the brain.

L1 users are mathematical, problem solvers, technical and analytical.

L2 users are planners, controlled, conservative and administrative.

R1 are conceptualizing, synthesizing, imaginative and artistic people.

R2 users are talkers, musical, spiritual and emotional.

Understanding your personal thinking preferences will enable you to optimize your ability to adapt your thinking, decision-making or communication style to a given situation: it will also explain why it is easier to communicate with some people than it is with others. Your profile will also cast light on why some elements of your education or work seem effortless and more satisfying and why some academic subjects or hobbies are more interesting and appealing to you.

However, Pepi explained that it is possible to rewire your brain by thinking differently and become whole brain thinkers. Creativity is required in order for a person or business to be successful. In saying that it means that you need to use every quarter of your brain.
Join Hirsch’s Business Networking Mornings and grow your seed of greatness.

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Margaret Hirsch
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