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Your thoughts are infectious

They’re infectious

Your thoughts and beliefs are infectious and they impact those around you. That’s right those around you – up to a 1,000 people are impacted by your thoughts and beliefs everyday.

A recent Harvard study found that your thoughts and beliefs impact people within 3 degrees of you
which is about a 1,000 people. Over time they’ll adopt your thoughts and beliefs and you’ll adopt theirs.

So when you have negative thoughts and negative beliefs you’ll impact those around you, causing them to be negative and they in turn will continue to make you have more and more negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

It becomes a vicious cycle of negativity

And this negativity researchers say will simply make it harder and harder for you to enjoy a successful and rewarding life.

That’s because your thoughts and beliefs are picked up by your subconscious mind which then goes out and creates your life based on your thoughts and beliefs.

When those thoughts and beliefs are negative you end up creating more negativity and you find it harder and harder to achieve your goals or enjoy success.

Plus – all of those negative thoughts and negative beliefs create more and more unhappiness which could lead to depression and create more struggle.

Here’s the good news:

When you remove those negative thoughts and negative beliefs and replace them with the right thoughts and the right beliefs you then give your subconscious mind new instructions

When your new thoughts and beliefs are positive and focused on what you really want, your subconscious will then make sure you achieve your goals. You’ll
be happier and you’ll enjoy life.

You’ll also begin to impact those around you.

You’ll make them more positive and help them believe in themselves.

That’s right; those around you will become more positive and will actually help you succeed.

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You may not realize this but you have tremendous power and that power is in your thoughts and beliefs.

So if you don’t think and believe that you can succeed or achieve your goals, you’ll make those around you feel that you can’t succeed or achieve your goals. They won’t support you and will work against you.

Then you’ll attract more people who support your negative thoughts and beliefs and they will also make it harder and harder for you to be succeed and be happy

You may be experiencing that in some areas of your life right now. Over time, those negative thoughts and beliefs will impact other areas of your life.

That’s why you need to break the cycle of negativity right now – the sooner the better.

Now you take charge of your life by removing the negative thoughts and negative beliefs – they have a devastating impact on your life and those around you.

Give your subconscious mind new thoughts, new beliefs and new instructions so that you enjoy the success and happiness you want.

Now you can achieve your goals – you just have to work with the your subconscious mind. You just have to get rid of the negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

  • This is your life, make the most of it.
  • Get rid of the negativity that’s holding you back
  • I show you how in a simple easy to follow system
  • Get started today – now it’s your turn to succeed

Wishing you tremendous success…

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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