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August 16, 2016
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10 Secrets of success from Tony Robbins

The American motivational speaker has coached and inspired countless of people for 38 years. The list includes famous celebrities, athletes and famous political figures helping them attain their success. But what exactly is success? Is it just being rich and famous? Or is it based on one’s accomplishments in life? Everyone has their own view on success but here’s Tony’s 10 eye-opening insights that will change the way you see it.

1. Giving is the beginning of impact.

You have to start beyond scarcity. When you start giving away something from the start, it will grow upon you whether or not you have money. Tony himself said he would pay for college education without knowing how he would be able to.

2. The secret to living is giving.

No matter how much money one has, giving it away is what makes many successful entrepreneurs feel joy. So many others miss the opportunity to know that their life makes a difference. Focusing on the needs of others has a way of motivating you to do more than you thought possible.

3. Your closest family members, no matter how successful, can be highly influential.

Tony talks a lot about his mother, who was a drug addict and made him the psychologist he is today. He talks about how he was constantly faced with the challenge of looking after his younger siblings.

4. Hunger is the precursor to success.

Being intelligent is extremely important, but being hungry allows you to acquire the intelligence that someone had been born in. When you’re hungry you go all in and push all your chips to the center of the table. There is no plan B.

5. Mentors are the gateway to experiences.

Trial and error allows you to take lessons learned from people with years of experience and be sure that you won’t repeat their mistakes. Think about reading books. You’re able to consume 10 years of someone’s life in just a few hours, and prevent the hundreds of mistakes that they may have made otherwise.

6. Add more value to others.

When we focus on creating more value for other people, it completely shifts our perspective. We will naturally start to move away from self serving motives as we increasingly consider the welfare of others. Focus on adding value first and don’t worry about how it is going to come back to you. We all make deposits and we all extract benefits. We never know exactly how or when that is going to happen.

7. Challenge makes success worthwhile.

When we are trying to chase our dreams, we are continually tossed about and impacted by a multitude of different opportunities and obstacles. There’s no such thing as effortless success. The things we work the hardest for are what we value the most.

8. Differences in relationships are blessings, not curses.

Tony once mentioned a time when he received a $250,000 bonus but his wife didn’t think anything of it. When we are with the person we love, we are immediately transformed into someone better more vibrant. However, certain reactions from our significant other may shock us. Being grateful for someone who doesn’t operate and feel the same way as you is incredibly important for building a successful career.

9. Intent trumps all.

We feel upset and discouraged when someone disagrees with us. But going back to intent can take an argument and turn it into a blessing. Tony says that you can either be right or in love. You choose which one.

10. Money doesn’t change people; it only accentuates the truth.

You’ve definitely heard of many cases where entrepreneurs who have gone from being dirt poor to being super successful. However, according to Tony, if you start out angry and upset, you might be even angrier when you have more money. If you have a big heart, you will probably opt for giving more when you are wealthier.

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Margaret Hirsch
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