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Mixing metal finishes in this beautiful white kitchen. Love the barstools!

There’s noticeable shimmer and shine that comes with the holiday season, and there’s something about it that lifts the mood and puts a spring in our step.

Mixing metal finishes into our every day spaces can have the same affect. As the jewelry of interior design, they add glimmer, sparkle, and interesting texture in a way that nothing else can.

Trending Metals

And there are a variety of metals to choose from when you’re decorating, of course, but I’ve chosen four that not only shine, but are in the trend spotlight.

Brass and gold. It’s no secret that brass and gold have become favorites of interior designers, home builders, furniture makers, and accessory buyers in the past few years.

Mixing metal finishes like bronze and gold add warmth to this dining space.
These new brass finishes have a softer, more subtle sheen and a timeless quality and warmth.  They’re a perfect compliment to the trending grays (and the up-and-coming warmer neutrals), and I think we’ll be seeing them for a while.

Copper and Rose Gold. In keeping with the move toward warmer metals, copper and rose gold have made quite a splash in the last few years, too. Not quite as widely used as brass, but a pretty hue that has it’s place.

Trending metals like copper add some sparkle to this cozy living room

Bronze is a nice compromise between gold and copper, in my opinion, with a warmth you just can’t beat.


Chrome seems like a definite contender for the 2018 trend mix as well. Completely unique, it lends a brightness that less-reflective metals can’t quite compete with.

Mixing It In

Adding a new metal to give sparkle to a completely matching space isn’t risky, because mixing metal finishes is really preferred over matching. In fact, it will give your room a designer spin and make it feel more collected and unique.

And if you already have more than one finish going on, don’t be afraid to add a third.  Just make sure one metal is more dominant to keep things from becoming a hodge-podge.


Thank you for these amazing tips!

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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