4 Ways to wear your trench coat this Winter

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June 4, 2018
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4 Ways to wear your trench coat this Winter

With the colder months upon us we have to pull out the trench coat to keep warm (especially when I am in JHB) but we still want to look good while keeping warm, I just love this article on Trench Coats from www.bebeautiful.in that gives you 4 different ways to wear your trench coat:

In the past, the trench coat has served the purpose of being a strictly functional item of clothing that came out only around Christmas and was meant to protect us from the snares of the winter. However, times change and so does fashion because today, the trench coat has become a major style heavyweight. Popular amongst A-list celebrities and fashion influencers, trench coats for women have increasingly transitioned to a staple in many wardrobes. And what better time than the onset of nippy temperatures to bring ours out.

Thanks to Burberry, who is considered the leader in the luxury variant of the garment, it has surpassed utility to add another military chic dimension to a look. Before you have your doubts about the garment being suited for the city you live in, remember to purchase one with fabric that is thick, thin, lined or unlined, depending on your requirement. Then, follow these fashion tips to style this classic cover-up…

trench coat paired with midi dress

The classic pairing

When in doubt, go back to the classics. In this case, it’s the trench coat paired with a midi dress. There’s a playful touch of femininity when the dress hem peeps from below your coat to break to silhouette. Strap on a solid toned trench coat that is tied at the waist to contrast with your dress, making it a pretty outfit for a brunch date

trench coat emblazoned with micro prints

The bright pop and print

Go beyond camel and beige tones in your trench by instead, taking an unconventional route. Experiment with bright colours which can give life to an ensemble, by simply clashing with the colours worn underneath. Go for a subdued chic by choosing a trend in pastel shades. It will add sophistication when paired with neutrals and is perfect for a morning meeting. If it is the print family that has your attention, go all out with a trench coat emblazoned with micro-prints that will uplift a look and have all eyes on you.

trench coat paired with jeans

One of the boys

The boyfriend jeans are a symbol of girls everywhere who want to dress up without too much effort. So when there’s a nip in the air, there’s only one way to get a look that is chilled out but which will still stand out. Pair your boyfriend jeans with a sleek pair of patent pumps and silk shirt for a balanced silhouette. Then add a finishing touch with a neutral toned trench coat, worn unbuttoned, which is perfect for a relaxed dinner.

trench coat with dress

Dress it up

Who ever said the trench coat could only be worn as a coat? Since it does cover your physique completely, it makes a great garment to be worn as a dress too! Go as bold and bright as you wish with this style of knee-length trench coat and button and tie it up completely. Finally, pair it with a strappy pair of heels, a bold lip & your ready to walk out of the door for your next cocktail hour!

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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