May 6, 2017
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May 6, 2017
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5 Ways to use Intuition to Grow your Business

5 Ways to use Intuition to Grow your Business

Successful people such as Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and so many others, have relied on Intuition to succeed. They have all said that once they have relied on their intuition, gut feel or sixth sense, the better decisions they were able to make – the more successful they have become.

The more we practice this art and understand it more, the more skilful and successful we will become. With this skill, we will prevent disasters entering our lives, leading us to have a more responsible outlook to improve our effectiveness. So what can we learn from them that will boost our business.

Intuition is what separates the brilliant from the average.

Our mind and body is forever communicating with us. We may experience niggling thoughts, feelings of suspicion, mistrust, anxiety, doubt, curiosity or wonder. Whatever feeling possesses us our body reacts and gives off signals like goose bumps, a churning stomach, sweating, a racing mind, etc.

Here are five ways that you can start focussing on listening to and taking note of the signs that your body is giving out.

1.Understand your vision.

All successful people have a clear idea, a definite picture of where they are in life, where they want to go and what they must achieve. This becomes their “why” and their purpose. This becomes the basis of their destination. With this determined direction, a more meaningful picture or vision is created and a map or mind-picture of their life starts to take form.

With this vision in place, decisions are easier to make and your ‘meaning of life’ becomes more meaningful in business, your personal world and in all areas of your existence.

2.Be mindful.

When you have a problem or a decision to make, be mindful. Clear your mind of the problem, the clutter and start listening to your intuition, your body, your mind, the voices that speak to you in your head. Focus on the now, the present, be in the moment. When you are mindful, you hear and listen to your intuition better because you become aware of your body’s signals which allow you to respond quicker. Instead of focussing on what to do next or what happened previously, focus on being in the now.

3.Trust your gut.

When we become aware of what our body tells us, we need to take note. Our gut-feeling – that strong feeling that comes from our inner core that shouts out loud. Have you ever had that strong feeling not to take the usual route to your destination and when you do listen and go another way, only to find out later that there was a serious accident along the way? This is your gut feeling. Trust that feeling and don’t question it. It pops up from nowhere yet it speaks with authority. If you are not sure how to handle a problem – trust your gut.

4.Listen to your inner voice.

Our inner voice comes from the subconscious mind via our soul, or a higher force. This is the voice pleading to our truest and highest self. It speaks with authority and is clear with no ambiguity. It is direct and to the point. To hear this voice and listen to its command is applying true intuitiveness. Because it is strong, it is the easiest voice to hear

5.Tune in to detail.

The answer lies in the detail. Detail is all around us. Have you ever had such a great problem in life and when you felt you were at your lowest, an answer comes from the least expected place; an advert, a billboard, a comment on the radio, a line from a song, a book you are reading. These are not accidents or fate. It is an awareness that is given to you at the right moment to acknowledge your emotion or state. As mentioned previously, you can also listen to the cues your body gives you. Tune into life’s details, and will always, without a doubt, find the answers to your problems.

So, by paying attention to the power of your intuition, you will find the solutions to the problems and decisions that arise on a daily basis. What used to appear as vague and uncertain will become clear and decisive. You will develop the ability to make quick decisions and will give you the surety and confidence you need to enhance your business.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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