Accessorising to create the perfect look !

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May 16, 2018
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Accessorising to create the perfect look !


You can completely transform any outfit with the perfect accessories. The simplest dress can turn into a jaw-dropping ensemble if accessorised properly. You can even turn your jeans and plain t-shirt into a hip hop and happening outfit.

The hard part comes in when choosing accessories, this is no easy feat, what works for a lunch wont necessarily work for a dinner party.


Some people think its too much to accessorise during the day, but its actually one of the perfect times to make your look pop.

Simple things like matching your bag and your belt, or a scarf to give you a pop of colour, cute rings and a little necklace, and suddenly your simple daytime look became an outfit that makes heads turn.


This is a little bit more dressy compared to the casual day wear but you still don’t want to be too overdone. You could wear a little more jewellery, consider matching necklaces and bracelets as well as coordinating your bag and belt. You can be a little more dramatic hear with earrings and shoes.


This is the perfect time to pull out your little black dress, but it could look very boring if you don’t accessorise.

For a dinner party you can really go to town with different types of accessories to create that look that no one else will be wearing.

Start with the three key pieces that will highlight your style – 1 piece of jewellery, handbag and shoes. Make sure these three match and leave everything else simple and make sure you don’t choose black for everything, try bold colours to make a real statement.



Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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