Accomplish your goals

September 30, 2015
You are powerful
October 2, 2015
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Accomplish your goals

When you work with it the right way you’ll
change your life and accomplish your
goals a lot sooner.

But if you use it the wrong way life gets harder,
you’ll struggle more and you’ll fall further behind.

I’m talking about your power and unfortunately,
most people don’t know how to use this power. Instead,
they often end up using it the wrong way.

That’s why they struggle, and feel like they just
can’t get ahead. They don’t intentionally
use their power the wrong way, it’s just that
no one ever taught them how to work with their
power the right way and so they just can’t
seem to get ahead.

That might be happening to you.

Are you using your power the right way?

If you are, then you should be accomplishing your goals
and making the changes you want with ease.

But if you can’t seem to get ahead, if you feel like
you’re struggling and just can’t breakthrough then
you’re probably not using your power and you may
even be using it the wrong way.

Today that changes
Today you take charge and you start using
your power the right way

Today I’m showing you how to use your power
the right way… read on…

This power I’m referring to is your special power,
It’s your power within, and it shapes and
creates your life

It’s your subconscious power.

And when you direct your subconscious and give it
the right instructions you’ll turn your life around,
you’ll make those changes and you’ll accomplish
your goals a lot sooner.

You’ll be more confident.
You’ll get more done in less time.
You’ll be super productive.
You’ll make more money,
You’ll have less stress and
you’ll have more free time.

All of these changes take place when you work with
your subconscious power and direct it the right way.

You may not realize this, but everyday you’re directing
and instructing your subconscious mind.

You do this with your thoughts, beliefs, and words

Your subconscious is always at work

It’s working right now, creating your life based on
what you think, believe and say

Your subconscious is connected to everyone and every thing.

It will do what you tell it to do.

It will follow your instructions.

Those instructions are your thoughts, beliefs and words.

Your subconscious will bring you the people,
situations and opportunities that reflect what
you say, think, and believe.

So if you’re negative, think of the worst, have doubts,
worry and don’t think things will work out then your life
will simply get harder and harder.

When you’re negative you’ll make the wrong choices,
You’ll attract people who don’t really help you.
You’ll get into the wrong relationships.
And you’ll make the wrong financial choices.

Of course you don’t want any of that to happen.
You don’t want to struggle and make your life harder.

Yet you’ll continue to do that when you fill your mind with
negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

These negative thoughts and beliefs are blocks
on your subconscious mind.

They block your success and prevent you from
breaking through and getting what you want.

If you’re not living the life you want,
If you’re not making as much money as you want,
If you think of the worst.
If you’re saying things like:
“I can’t.”
“I don’t know how”
“I don’t have any money.”
“Life’s hard”

Then you’ve got a number of blocks on your
subconscious mind that are holding you back.

You have to get rid of these blocks,
get rid of the negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

Nothing will change until you do.
Instead, life will just get harder and things
will continue to get more and more difficult.

You’ve had enough.
So are you ready to get rid of the negative thinking?
Ready to Get rid of the negative beliefs?
Ready to Get rid of the negative attitude?
Ready to Get rid of the blocks that hold you back?
Ready to Direct your subconscious mind to bring you
exactly what you want?
Ready to Give it the right thoughts, and the right beliefs?
Ready to turn your life around and accomplish your goals?


Decide that today is the day you start!

No one may have showed you how to use your
subconscious mind the right way, and you may have been
giving it the wrong instructions until now. That’s not your fault.
However, now that you know that you need to give your subconscious
the right instructions you can take charge and turn things around… or
you can keep giving it the wrong instructions and
nothing will get better. Things will just get worse.

So do the smart thing. Take charge today.
Today you can turn things around
Now you have the power and you can use it the
right way – so that you make those changes and
achieve your goals a lot sooner

You want a better life.
You want to have more money.
You want to achieve your goals.
You want to make the right choices.

You can.
You will.

When you give your subconscious mind the
right instructions

You have tremendous power.
You can and will achieve all your goals.
So that you get more of what you want.
Apply this power to change your life.
That power is your subconscious mind.
Give it the right instructions and you’ll
get what you want. You’ll live the life you
desire – start directing your power today

Wishing you tremendous success…

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.