November 4, 2015
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November 5, 2015
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All Powerful, All Loving, All Caring

To day, once more, I would like to visit the Hawaiian prayer, Ho’opononono.

The prayer comprises of repeating the 4 phrase,( in any order),

  • I love you,
  • Please forgive me,
  • I’m sorry
  • Thank you.

At the same time having a sincere attitude of gratitude, joy, peace and love,  to that All Powerful, All Loving, All Caring, Unconditional Being within us.

About thirty years ago a newly hired clinical psychologist, Dr. Stanley Hew Len, entered the Hawaii State Hospital’s criminally insane ward. At the time, the ward was a dismal and dreary place where the patients continually attacked other inmates or staff members

Rather than inducing new procedures for the ward, Dr. Len came to work every day with a smile on his face and a cheerful countenance. He was also relaxed, but did nothing in particular except to look at the files of some of the inmates while they were seated in front of him.

Dr. Len practiced Ho’oponopono on each of the patients, not involving himself in interaction with the patient – or in changing their treatments. Amazingly, in a short time, the patients showed signs of improvement.

Members of the staff were also told about Ho’oponopono, and little changes began to take place in the hospital.

Walls were painted, gardens became beautiful again, tennis courts repaired and the use of powerful drugs were lessened.

Some prisoners were even allowed to venture to other areas of the hospital without being shackled first. The atmosphere eventually changed so much the staff actually enjoyed their time there.

There came a time where things improved so much there was no more need for the hospital.

Dr. Stanley Hew Len, became a legend in Hawaii.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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