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Hirsch’s Centurion recently hosted a Banting workshop where attendees joined in with the store’s PRO, Tsz Yan Lau, to make a cake in a mug. Anel from Anja’s pantry who was going to host the event could unfortunately not make it as she had to attend a last-minute meeting but she gave Banting chocolate bars to everyone as a consolation.

Tsz Yan, demonstrated how to make a delicious cup of chocolate cake in under 2 minutes. The ingredients were very simple and Banting friendly as they don’t  require any sugar or flour!

Guests shared their knowledge and testimonies on their Banting experience and how they could enjoy the meal more with a little extra tang to the tongue.

After all the cups were microwaved, the guests had to turn them over and place them onto a plate where the best looking cake won a Hirsch Voucher!

Commented the PRO, “A big thank you goes to Jaimie and the Centurion team, the caterer and everyone who made the event worthwhile.”




Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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