February 26, 2016
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February 29, 2016
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Battle of the Potjies – Hirsch Milnerton Couples Cook-Off

Hirsch Milnerton recently hosted their Couples Mystery Bag Cook-Off finals, with three couples, Eben and Monique Kibido, Mary and Enrico Phillips and Jean and Craig Williams battling it out to win the R3000 Hirsch Voucher. As close as it was, the taste of the Williams’ potjie  was the most impressive – with all three judges in agreement!

As it was the finals, Hirsch Milnerton  upped the ante.   . Couples brought their own herb/spices and presentation aids, and showed off their dance moves (to add a bit MORE spice). Craig Williams took top honours with his repertoire!

Choosing the Champions were Hirsch’s Trainee Manager Chalain Pillay, PRO Monique van der Walt, Regional  Manager Craig Saul,  and Managers Lindsay Harhoff and Nishan Ramkissoon. Each couple gave a brief background of their meal.

The Williams  theme was purely South African. “We are a melting-pot of culture and colour, and our dish reflects this” they said. The dish was Cape Malay style with a  Durban curry bite. They also complemented their meal  with some port, which added an enticing touch. The Kibidos theme was Farmers; they competed in the cook-off finals to highlight the plight of farmers in the drought. The dish was cooked with beer to enhance the flavor, and included fruity undertones and fabulous colours. The presentation was astounding! The Kibidos brought along their entire potted herb garden, a bale of hay, a palm tree and decorative fruit and frog ornament. And finally the Phillips theme was Africa, the beauty of our culture and the diversity of our continent. They brought with them a large basket of colour and taste, dressing in an  African theme, complete with face paint.

“Team Hirsch Milnerton would like to thank all the contestants for participating, and well done to our lucky winners, the Williams of the R3000 Hirsch Voucher.” Said Hirsch’s Milnerton PRO, Monique Van der walt.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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