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Believe that you can

When you believe in yourself, when you believe
you can… you will attract positive people, positive
situations and positive opportunities.

Life is a whole lot better when you believe in yourself.

When you believe, you allow your subconscious to help
you succeed, so that you achieve your goals, and
live the kind of life you want to live.

You want to succeed, and you want a better life,
you want to enjoy your life and you can

You just have to believe and that’s where
most fail. Instead of truly believing they
wish, pray and hope sure that may make you
feel good for a few moments. But it doesn’t
bring you the success and happiness you want.

When you believe you ignite your subconscious,
you fire it up and you give it a clear direction.

Your subconscious is connected to everything and
everyone, it will guide you to success and it feeds
on your beliefs. When you have the right beliefs
in place you will succeed.

So just how do you fire up your subconscious?

Take a closer look at your life and begin appreciating
the good things you have, no matter how small or
insignificant they may seem, begin appreciating all
that you have.

By appreciating what you have you begin to develop
positive energy and this gets your subconscious to
work on bringing you more positive things for you
to appreciate even more.

Do that everyday and follow it up by thinking about
all that you want in life. And when you think
about what you want – begin believing that you
can and will have all that you want.

When those negative thoughts come up – remove them,
get rid of them, don’t let them get to your
subconscious mind.

Negative thoughts will quickly become negative
beliefs and before you know it, your subconscious
begins following those negative beliefs and that’s
when life gets harder and harder.

So today take charge, appreciate all that you have
begin believing that you can and will have
what you want in life.

Now give your subconscious the right instructions
so that it helps you succeed, so that it helps you
get what you want in life. All you have to do is
give your subconscious the right information and
you’ll turn your life around. You’ll enjoy greater
success and you live the life you want to live.

Our lives can get very busy very quickly and before
we know it we can get into a negative tailspin and
not realize just how much more damage we’re creating
with our negative thoughts which quickly become
negative beliefs.

After a while instead of believing you can you
start to think and believe that you can’t…

And every time you say “I can’t…”
you set yourself up for more and more failure

You keep believing you can’t, and that belief stops you
in your tracks, so you never you never take that first step,

So you never get ahead,
you never get what you want,
You never make more money,
you don’t get that great job no
matter how hard you try,
you keep getting into bad relationships,
your health deteriorates and
your business continues to struggle,
you have more failures and more setbacks

And that just creates more negative thoughts
and more negative beliefs,

Your subconscious picks up on those negative
beliefs and negative thoughts.
It thinks you don’t want a better life,
that you want more failure.

So it creates more failure and more pain
You get into bad relationships,
you make the wrong money choices,
you end up in a job you hate,
you lose your confidence

It’s all because you don’t believe and
you let those negative thoughts stay in
your head, and they keep creating more
and more negative beliefs.

Every time you have a negative thought you
direct your subconscious to make your life
more and more difficult.

You tell it you don’t want to succeed.
So your subconscious doesn’t bring you
the opportunities to succeed
It doesn’t bring you what you want.

Instead your subconscious brings you more of what
you don’t want, So you you get more failures.
More poverty.
More struggle,
More bad relationships and
then your health starts to suffer,
your business struggles,
or you can’t make ends meet.

It’s all those negative thoughts and negative
beliefs that keep taking their toll, they keep
wearing you down.

Every negative thought you have puts up
another block on your subconscious.

These blocks prevent you from getting what you want.

Now you can tear down those blocks, clear your path
and be rid of the negative thoughts and negative beliefs
that keep holding you back.
Now you create new, positive beliefs the
kind that lead to greater success,
so that you get what you want And so you direct your
subconscious to bring you what you want

Decide what you want.
Believe that you can get what you want.
Believe that you can make more money.
You can get the right job.
You can meet the right people.

You are a powerful person
You can achieve anything you want
You just have to believe you can…
And you can
Get rid of the negative thoughts,
get rid of the negative beliefs,

Create new and powerful beliefs that
allow you to succeed and enjoy life,
so that you make more money,
so that you meet the right person,
so that your business grows,
so that you enjoy better health,
Then you’ll get your subconscious mind working for you.
You’ll give it the right instructions
And your subconscious will bring you exactly what you want.
Get rid of the blocks that hold you back today

Sending you lots of positive energy…

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.