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The Hirsch’s Bonaria school of Baking, hosted by Bongi Dube at Hirsch’s Centurion Branch is giving life to the kitchen and also new possibilities to the students.  Everyday holds a new challenge, but perseverance, hard work and determination is what brought the student – Bongi – to her rightful place as head of the school.

Just a year ago Bongi graduated from Anna’s Baking School with big hopes and aspirations.  Her vision was to move people away from their “I can’t mentality” to an “I can mentality”.  She hoped to not only teach the skill of cooking but also to instil a passion for it.  Through faith and a lot of determination she has already accomplished some of her biggest dreams and she is grateful for everyday that she gets to spend in the Hirsch’s kitchen in Centurion.

It has only been three weeks since classes started and the students have already learnt so much!  Bongi has also taken every opportunity to learn and develop herself, not only as a teacher, but also as a business women.  From attending Ladies Networking to showcase her student’s creations and promoting the baking and cooking school to displaying her skills to the public over the weekend through cooking demonstrations.

The course is 6 weeks long and promises to be an intense learning experience with a new challenge each day.  Classes are from Monday to Saturday where three days are spent on baking and the rest on cooking.  The students have joined the classes for various reasons, but ultimately for self-improvement.  Duduzile Majola owns a small baking business which she wants to expand and with Bongi’s help, she will learn vital skills that are necessary to grow her business.  Gugu Maphanga has taken this opportunity to gain more knowledge and develop her skills while Milcah Chinaka has great plans for the future.  She saw this as an investment in herself to take her skills to the next level so that one day she can open up her own bakery and catering business.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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