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Brighten up your living room

Formally yellow

Yellow can take on an elegant vibe when the tone is just a step or two up from white. In this airy space, abundant natural light and high ceilings are the stars. The walls serve as a supporting character, painted a shade of butter yellow, as do the subtle yellow accents.

Frame Bright Art in Yellow

Art galleries know a neutral backdrop lets the artwork shine. This room shows that a neutral background doesn¿t have to be white. A warm yellow wall color emphasizes the hues in this graphic, unframed piece. Lighter shades in subtle yellow-and-white patterns add interest to the white furniture without detracting from the star of the room -- the bold painting.

Accent Wall

Yield-light yellow will make visitors come to a full stop when you use it as a bold accent wall. Here, it¿s incorporated with generous doses of white -- on other walls, the ceiling, the sofa, artwork, and tables -- to mitigate the drama. Graphic black accents weave into the scheme to emphasize the geometry of this modern space.

Liven up

Golden yellow walls lend this living room a sunny disposition. To make the extra-tall room feel less imposing, a band of white trim breaks up the yellow walls and introduces a subtle accent. Another primary color, red, helps the chairs make a bold statement, while the browns in the sofa and window treatments anchor the room's scheme..

Buttercream Walls

Light buttercream yellow unites this large living room. It starts on the walls and echoes in the gingham curtains and the striped rug. The lighter yellow backdrop allows artwork and a lively animal print on the ottoman to take center stage. Adding black accents will give a yellow room more zing. Just be careful not to add so much black that you mimic the decorating equivalent of a bumblebee.

Pastel perfection

This beach-inspired room introduces a pastel yellow to emphasize the home's peaceful qualities. By pairing the yellow with other pastels, the room relies on pretty patterns to add contrast. Here, the chairs' romantic floral with a yellow background plays off of the couch's graphic plaid, the striped pillows and throw, and the tiny gingham on the ottoman. Tip: Be careful not to overdo pastels, or your room will start looking too cute.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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