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January 5, 2018
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Change is good

When you encounter difficulties and
contradictions, do not try to break them, but bend
them with gentleness and time.” ~ Saint Francis de

We all struggle with change, stress and
difficulties in life. Things happen unexpectedly
every day in both job situations and personal
lives. Yet, what matters most is how a person
reacts to change.

Some people seem to be better than others at
dealing with life’s inevitable changes and all the
unexpected things that happen. They seem to have
the knowledge, experience, and mental power to
manage stress and overcome difficulties.

Here are 6 steps you can take to help improve your
ability to deal with life’s inevitable changes,
manage stress and overcome difficulties:

1. Change your thoughts.

Any situation can be looked at from a positive or
negative perspective. One person may feel
threatened by what someone says, while another
person seems unaffected. One person may be
devastated by a job loss, while another sees it as
a chance to do something new. It all depends on
your attitude. Every situation you find yourself
in can be perceived in a bad way or good way. This
means what you decide what it means to you.

One way of learning to handle stress and overcome
difficulties is to avoid negative thinking about
any situation or any person. Gravitate toward the
positive. This means you make a decision to keep
positive thoughts in your mind and let go of any
negative ideas. Look at the bright side. Use
affirmations to remind yourself to keep thinking
positive. This will help you overcome your
difficulties and build up your inner power. Mental
discipline is something that everyone is capable
of, but it must be practiced.

2. Turn away from fear and conflict.

We all make choices every day that either relate
to fear or to love. Often our fears are something
that cause us to create or become involved in
conflict, so to avoid conflict, you must do the
opposite. You must let go of the fears in your
mind and stay away from conflict. This can be done
by choosing a path of love, instead of fear, and
keeping your focus on peace, instead of conflict.

Just knowing that you truly desire peace will help
you focus on better things. If you follow your
fears, you will undoubtedly find yourself mixed up
in conflict, but if you choose to look at
everything with love, your whole perspective will
change and you will manifest more good in your

3. Learn to live in alignment with your purpose.

We all search for ways to live better and happier
lives. Finding your purpose is important. It is a
very personal and individual thing and requires
some soul searching. People practice mindfulness
so they can be in touch with their feelings, live
in the present moment, and find happiness in life.

Being mindful of your life’s purpose comes from
self-awareness and ultimately leads you on a path
of inner peace.

Becoming associated with a type of spiritual
practice or religion can help you feel that your
life has purpose and you are connected to others.
Those who define their life purpose as being
loving and helpful toward others are more likely
to avoid conflict and have reduced amount of fear,
and less stress in their daily lives.

We all are searching for calmness in a world that
can often seem chaotic. Some of the most popular
ways to reduce daily stress with relaxation and
calmness are through practices like massage,
meditation and yoga, or visiting spiritual
practitioners. Many people create areas of their
home for relaxation and meditation. Spending quiet
time is a way to increase your self-awareness,
improve your ability to focus on your goals and
something that can help your mental clarity.

4. Identify your strengths.

We all have natural talents that we are born with.
Everyone is good at something. There are many
talented athletes, musicians, and actors, and
brilliant professors, scientists, leaders, and
achievers in every profession. Inner strength is
about knowing yourself and your abilities. Take
time to think about and analyze what your natural
strengths and talents are. Maybe you are good at
communicating and building social relationships.
Or, you could be very knowledgeable about
computers and better at working independently.
Perhaps you have rare musical talent, or artistic

Just recognizing your own personal strengths will
help you to explore your abilities and discover
what you are passionate about. Many people
believe in “doing what you are good at”, in order
to be happy at what you do. The sooner in life you
can recognize your own talents, the more
successful you are probably going to be at
developing them and making your dreams become

5. Claim your personal power.

Some people have problems that last for years
because they believe that they are helpless to
solve them. But, it is their helplessness that
actually prevents them from moving past the
problem and finding the solution.

When you consider your own abilities, you should
never concentrate on what obstacles there may be.
The truth is, you can decide to do almost anything
and if you truly desire it and are willing to work
hard for it, you will probably make it happen.
Most people have inner power that they are unaware
of. Claiming your inner power is about being bold
when you need to, having the courage to take
chances, and doing things you have never done

6. Do what you can with where you are.

In any situation in life, you are faced with
several choices about what you can do. Concentrate
on doing what you can with where you are. When
your life purpose is to love, you will find
opportunities every day in your career or personal
life where you can relate to others with love
instead of fear, and find peace instead of

When looking at your goals, be brave about taking
steps that you feel need to be taken. Don’t let
opportunities pass you by. You can always do
something to change a situation, so it is
important to know what you can do. Every goal that
you make requires effort. Be passionate about your
dreams and don’t let anything stop you from making
them come true. When you are faced with obstacles
that seem to keep you from achieving something,
don’t give up. Keep trying for the goals you want
to reach.

Being willing to do something when it needs to be
done will make you a leader. A leader steps
forward, faces their fears and overcomes them. If
you want to build up your inner power, turn away
from fear and conflict, choose love and peace,
know your purpose, recognize your strengths, claim
your power and do what you can.

Remembering to do these 6 things every day, will
make you a stronger, more focused person and no
matter what happens in your life, you will be
capable of handling it with calmness and purpose,
while looking for the good that can come out of

With Love


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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