Choosing a Coffee Table for your Lounge

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June 14, 2018
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Choosing a Coffee Table for your Lounge

For some, the choice of what type of coffee table is easy; an intuitive design decision. Or, maybe it’s even been decided for you, if it’s been inherited from a roommate, partner or family member. For others, any number of variables—from unusual living room layouts to oversized furniture to kids or pets—can confuse the issue.

First, decide if you even need or want one

Do you need a coffee table to set stuff down on while you watch TV or entertain friends? Or does the room feel too open or naked without it? Conversely, is your too-small space already cramped and you don’t really need one?


Choose the shape

Very long sofas could handle a rectangular or oval coffee table. Small love seats could use those shapes if the size doesn’t overwhelm. Super modern sofas and large sectionals can handle square or round coffee tables. You might also consider a round coffee table if you have harsh, sharp lines in your room and you’re trying to soften the shape up.

Get the height right

Most of the time, if you choose a coffee table that’s the same height or a little taller than your sofa’s seat height, you’ll be fine. But if you want a really laid back feel and have a lower sofa or lounge seating, you might want to go lower to match. If you want to go taller, consider choosing a table that has a smaller diameter to help balance the composition.

Pick a material that will work for your lifestyle

Don’t choose a wood surface that needs coasters if you’re not a coaster user. Don’t get a glass table if you have toddlers that like to take leaps off the seating. Choose a material that will not only complement your existing furniture, but will also work with how you’ll treat the piece.


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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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