Christmas Mince Pies

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December 29, 2016
January 1, 2017
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Christmas Mince Pies


  • 2kg Flour
  • 2 x 1kg Butter
  • 2 x Cream 500ml
  • 3 x Fruit Mince (Bottle)
  • 1 x small tin of Apricot Jam
  • Icing Sugar
  • Castor Sugar



  • In a large bowl add soft butter and flow mix until you get a bread crumb consistency.
  • Add Cream and knead until you get a dough-like constancy, cling wrap and place in fridge for 30min.
  • Roll out dough until you cut and place into cake tin.
  • For the filling, add 2 table spoons of Apricot Jam to break down the texture.
  • Add the filling to your pastry in your cake tin, place another pastry layer  over and egg wash.
  • Place pastry in oven and bake at 180 Degrees for 25min.
Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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