Developing Skills at Hirsch’s

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June 20, 2018
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Developing Skills at Hirsch’s

Developing Skills at Hirsch’s

Hirsch’s Meadowdale recently hosted their monthly Domestic Workers Course offering domestic workers in the community the opportunity to learn new skills, to become more knowledgeable about appliances and teaching them how to cook.


Hirsch’s service department offered the ladies training on what chemicals to use when cleaning various appliances – to cover every aspect of their employers’ home.  Snappy Chef ambassador- Tebogo  – provided the ladies with some training on the use and cleaning of pots, pans and hobs, and Hirsch’s PRO- Letitia Haywood taught the ladies how to prepare a decedent chocolate cake topped with chocolate icing.


At the end of the training session, each lady was presented with a Hirsch Domestic Training Certificate.


Domestic worker of the month was Esther Malebati, who was nominated by her employer- Michelle Ashburner.

“Esther is so much more than a domestic, she is qualified to clean corporate offices and domestic homes but more than that she is like a second mother who takes care of my home and my business. She has dreams and aspirations of her own and has a registered company she is working on to build.” Said Michelle.


If you would like to sign up your Domestic Worker for Hirsch’s monthly trainings, contact Letitia Haywood at for more information.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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