Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?

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Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

I have gathered a list of traits that I have noticed over the years of me interacting with highly successful entrepreneurs.

Go ahead and ask yourself if you have the following traits

1. You Have A Never Ending Passion

Successful entrepreneurs almost always have a visceral passion for what they are doing.

In fact, it often consumes them to the point they are thinking about it all the time and working on it even when they sleep.

Moreover, it’s almost never just about making money.

2. You Serve As a Fountain Of Ideas

The best entrepreneurs are those that continuously spawn great ideas.

This is because relatively few ideas, even great ones, actually pan out to be great money makers or impactful in the market place.

Does anyone remember the Lisa computer? This was a complete flop by none other than the great Steve Jobs!

While this genius’s hardware and software failures are rarely mentioned, there were many of them.

The point is, your creations aren’t always going to be perfect but if you are able to weave a lot of ideas, some are bound to be a success.

3. You Aren’t Afraid To Work Hard — Really Hard

Having great ideas is not enough. It takes an enormous amount of work to turn a great idea into a profitable endeavour.

Thomas Edison, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time, is famous for saying,

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

4. You Never Like To Give Up

Successful entrepreneurs tend to be people who easily recover from failure and just keep on persevering until they ultimately succeed!

There are almost always significant snags and hurdles in any project. Most people get so discouraged by these, they end up discontinuing the project before they finish it.

Entrepreneurs are so motivated they find a way to solve these no matter how difficult.

5. You Have a Willingness and Ability To Learn From Everyone

Entrepreneurs tend to be people who are good active listeners. They are open to ideas from anyone regardless of their background or training.

They don’t tend to be people who think you have to have a college degree or special training to figure something out.

Some of the best ideas for equipment used in water have come from fishermen, not engineers.

6. You Are Often a Calculated Risk Taker

Entrepreneurs understand that no idea is a “sure thing” and taking a calculated risk, whether that be an investment of money or time, or both, is almost always necessary to carry forward great ideas.

When Jeff Bezos quit his cushy high paying job on Wall Street and made his famous 3000 mile car trip from New York to Seattle to found Amazon, he took a calculated risk… and we all know how well that one turned out!

Joel Brown has summed it up
do you fit the mould??
Please let me know your thoughts
Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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