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Don’t let other people put you down

In his young years, when Winston Churchill was

accepted into Military College, he was ecstatic.

So he eagerly wrote to his dad to break the news.


But what came back as a reply was this:

You are a constant disappointment to me …. Not

only are you a complete failure … I see nothing

ahead of you but failure… Do not write me anymore;

I do not wish to hear anything more from you.


Turns out Military College meant a huge disgrace

to Churchill’s dad who was a high-ranking British



Now, most of us don’t have anyone tell them

anything even remotely similar to this.


But the thing is… sometimes people tell

themselves these exact words when they’ve tried

everything — followed every success book, took all

the necessary action steps, even working their

butts off — and still don’t see the success they



These are the people who wake up everyday to

wonder “where’s the time-freedom, money-freedom

and the social status I’ve been working so hard



So… why did they not see the success they want?


It’s because of their energy blocks.


Energy blocks arise from the beliefs and patterns

in your subconscious mind… and they stop you

from manifesting your grandest success.


What can you do to avoid them?


Up until a few years ago, the art of energy

healing and removing energy blocks were largely

under the radar. Today, they’re becoming more



The result is more freedom, fearlessness, and fun

for everyone who’s bothered to at least try it.


If you’d like to get started, here’s a wonderful



When  you meditate go into your mind and think about what is holding you back

all those things that people have told you about yourself that are not true

work through them and decide to get over them and move on!


PS:  You know the rest of the story with Winston

Churchill, don’t you? From his very humble

beginnings, he went on to become the two-time

prime minister of England and led a successful war

that saved the lives of millions.


In other words, he was an unlikely hero.


Today, amongst personal growth enthusiasts, energy

healing is the unlikely hero.


Because it’s helping people… no matter how stuck

they are or how hopeless their situation is… to

defy all normal, common, ordinary, and customary

boundaries in life.


And now, it’s your turn.


Are you ready?


Simply meditate (when you meditate God talks to you)

work out what has been holding you back

work through the problem and decide that success is the best

way to tell people how fantastic you are!


Dont expect them to be happy for your success – most often they won’t be

but so long as you know if yourself that you have done the best you can do

and that you are successful, you will go from strength to strength




Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.