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Excellence is never an accident.

Think of the times when you really had a bad day; who came to you just to cheer you up? How about the times when you made a stupid mistake; who gave you some piece of advice just to let you know that it’s okay? Or even the times when you achieved a goal; who were there to pat your back to celebrate with your success?

Who are they?

These are the people in your life who are always there to give you a push whenever your body and soul couldn’t do it. These are the people who will cross oceans for you in both good times and bad times.

While these people may have different personalities, still, God gave these people to you for one purpose: to help you become the person He wants you to be… and your role is to keep them and cherish them every single day.

For sure, you’ve already met a lot of people in your life. But here are the 6 types of people that you should keep to help you succeed:

The Preacher

This is the type of person who constantly reminds you to always keep the common values in life alive in order to succeed – like faith, love, wisdom, courage, and humility. This can be your mother, your father, grandparents, or your local priest or pastor.

These people are wiser and have the position to give you some pieces of advice because they also have their own share of life learned experiences during their trying days.

Listen to them and cherish what they teach you; you’ll surely get beautiful tips on how to beat every obstacle that comes in your path.

The Teddy Bear

There’s always a point in your life or career that you give in to stress because you could no longer control some critical situations. You feel that you’ve lost your validity over your life that causes to discontinue your goal.

In times like this, you need a human teddy bear where you can channel your stress into someone who can give you an energy to reboot. This can be your spouse or love partner, your kids or someone who is always ready to give you a bear hug to comfort you.

It’s like a gift you receive from these people: the joy of simply being there for you when things in your life get ugly. These people are highly capable of turning your frowns into smiles, and anxiety into peace of mind.

Spend more time with these people because they can always give you an unconditional love and support that you couldn’t find somewhere else.

The Barista

Baristas are bar employees who work behind the counter to serve drinks or coffee to customers.

In your life, you also have that one or more baristas who are always there for you whenever you need a drink.

Yes, a drink – can be a beer, wine or coffee – it doesn’t matter, as long as you have that drinking buddy who is willing to listen to all your whinings and other crazy stuff that you want to burst out.

Who are these people? They are your crazy best friends, who give you crazy advice about random things in life.Why you need these people? Because there are problems in life that need to be filtered. You cannot simply share everything with your parents, or grandparents, priest or to your kids. Your spouse can be your drinking buddy, but deep in your soul, you always have that someone that you’re very comfortable with who genuinely knows more or better about you before you met your spouse.

These people can give you a good and honest advice, and they don’t care whether it can hurt your feelings or not. Sometimes, a slap on your face is needed to help you wake up to what’s reality and you can thank them later for doing that.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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