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March 15, 2016
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Explosive meeting with Atomic Marketing

Yesterday we met with a talented marketing team – ATOMIC Marketing

These are the people responsible for  encouraging our consumers to engage with our brand in an interesting and memorable way though brand ambassadors.

Ambassadors play a pivotal role in the consumers instore experience  with regards to product education. Atomic is responsible for equipping the ambassadors with the tactics of engaging the consumers as well as product knowledge.

We have been associated with ATOMIC Marketing for many years, and its captain Nuno Lopes has worked with HIRSCHS from the time he was 18!


Nuno, certainly understands our brand and vision of wanting to create the “Disney experience” for our customers.

At our meeting the Atomic team was able to show us stats on the success of having the ambassadors in our stores and how it has impacted on our sales

The Atomic offices gives new meaning to “Boys and their toys”

I have always wonder who buys the superheroes figurines ? Well you will find them ALL that the ATOMIC offices.

They had an office full of superhero inspiration. Pops of colour all around, that’s has to get your creative juices flowing!

Their office also had a bicycle on the wall, much like the 1 in our marketing department – great minds think alike

Nuno and his team are very optimist about their future with us and have great ideas to take our customers shopping experience to new heights.

Thank you ATOMIC Marketing for a productive meeting, we look forward to as you say it  “your superpowers to make super strategies” Selling products through visceral experiences!


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.