Finding the right jeans to fit your body type

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June 5, 2018
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June 6, 2018
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Finding the right jeans to fit your body type

Jeans are that one item you just can’t get enough of.  Be Beautiful have put together an easy guide to ensure that you find the perfect jeans for your body type:

Everyone has that one pair of comfy jeans that could easily double up as pajamas. Having said that, finding the perfect fit of jeans for your body type can be quite a task—especially when you don’t have a supermodel body (well, who does?).  If you find yourself getting tired of moving from one store to another in the search for the perfect pair of jeans—this guide will help you. Scroll down to read more…

Before you set out to find your perfectly fitting jeans, it’s necessary to know your body type and frame.

Look for areas on your body (especially the lower half) that you feel are heavier than the rest—it could be your butt, thighs, calves etc. Your height and torso are also key determinants when it comes to finding the right fit.

Body type to find the right jeans If you re heavy on the lower body

Body type: If you’re heavy on the lower body

If you have a thinner upper body and heavier hips or thighs, opt for high-rise jeans that accentuate your waist—jeans that taper towards the ankle tend to look more flattering on you as opposed to flared ones that can make your frame appear larger. High-rise jeans are also perfect for women with long torsos as they can comfortably sit on your hips.

Body type to find the right jeans If you re heavy on the upper body

Body type: If you’re heavy on the upper body

If your upper body is heavier than lower, mid-rise jeans are your best bet. However, you can opt high-rise wide legged, flared or bootcut jeans to even out your frame. Stay away from extremely skinny jeans and opt for slightly loose styles.

Body type to find the right jeans If you re plus size or have a broad curvy frame

Body type: If you’re plus size or have a broad, curvy frame

Mid and high-rise jeans in blacks and navy blues will give you a more structured silhouette. Opt for stretchy fabrics and fitted jeans that will help make your legs appear longer. No matter what your height is, these jeans will look flattering on you.

Body type to find the right jeans If you re petite

Body type: If you’re petite

A petite body type doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re skinny. It means that you’re basically small, thin and can happily shop in the kids’ section. You may have to struggle with the length but the good part is that all kinds of silhouettes look flattering on you. If you wish to appear taller, opt for ankle-cropped or 3/4th lengths and high-rise jeans.

Body type to find the right jeans If you re tall and skinny

Body type:If you’re tall and skinny

For you, mid and low-rise jeans work the best. If you wish to wear flared jeans, you must know that the silhouette will elongate your frame even more. Boyfriend and mom jeans will help add some weight to your frame as they provide a relaxed fit from hip to thigh and taper towards the end.


Always remember these tips while choosing your denim—stretchy fabrics are universally flattering, high-rises work for curvy women, low-rises and baggy silhouettes work for skinny women and flared silhouettes help to add length. Just keep these tips in mind and we’re sure finding the perfect jeans won’t be a task for you anymore!





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