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August 31, 2017
September 1, 2017
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Focus and Memory

We tend to forget even the smallest of details face a lot of problems in our day to day lives.
But there are many ways which we can improve our memory.

In my experience you can make noticeable improvement your concentration by taking a little time and effort and it work.

First, increase your attention by raising your brain’s natural ability to concentrate.
Second, adjust the environment around you to make focusing easier.

  • Pay attention allow you to take in information, and you cannot memorize information unless you are not taking it in.
  • Make notes, for example if you are sitting in a lecture or in the meeting room, you will remember more of what is being said if you listen and scribble down a few notes.
    Even if you are reading a letter or an article, you will remember more of what is written if you read it aloud to yourself.
  • Study the information in advance, make effort to understand more complex material before you try to remember it.
    It helps if you summarize the material in your own words and write it out.
  • Keep the body active as research shows that the less active you are, the more likely you’ll be to experience memory loss at an early age.
    It might be hard to make the connection between keeping the body moving and keeping the mind sharp. Consider taking a daily walk as you don’t have to exercise vigorously in order to keep your memory sharp.
  •  People who lack of sleep find it difficult to concentrate. You should go to sleep at a time which is appropriate, allows you to sleep without any interruptions and for a long duration of time.

You’ll be surprised to discover that your brain is consistently changing as you grow older. For this rationale, assimilating knowledge is good for you because it augments your brain power.

Experts advise that an individual should meditate twice including once before and once after getting out of bed. After adopting a daily meditation routine, you will greatly be able to concentrate more easily.

It only makes sense that concentrating is the first step to learning anything new. If you improve your concentration, your memory will improve also.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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