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August 18, 2016
August 18, 2016
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Great Domestic Knowledge Feedback at Hirsch’s.

Recently Hirsch Meadowdale hosted a very educational  Workshop  for the domestic workers within the community.

Hirsch’s offers the unrecognized heroines in the community the opportunity to learn and grow.   Assistant manager, Charlene Kemraj offered the ladies training on the best chemicals Hirsch’s have to offer when cleaning appliances and delicate objects, such as TV’S, wood and leather surfaces.  DEFY Ambassador, Mpho Dlamini took the ladies through the DEFY stand and explained to them exactly how the appliances work.

Afterwards Hirsch’s added a few spoils to brighten their day, by teaching them how to prepare a lovely mushroom, ham and cheese pizza which they got to enjoy once it was cooked.  The ladies were all very excited and so eager to assist with the prep in any way possible.

At the end of the training session, each lady was presented with a Hirsch Domestic Training Certificate.

Anna Khasu, one of the domestic workers was nominated by her employer Marissa; for the Domestic Worker of the Month Award.  Anna was presented with a Hirsch Domestic Worker of the Month certificate and an R300.00 Hirsch voucher.

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Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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