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Great Laundry room decor ideas

Put a fresh spin on your laundry room without making it look too barren. Conceal any under-the-sink mess with a fun accent fabric that acts as a curtain.

Bare and Beautiful

Organize your laundry room using glass jars for detergent as a functional and stylish decoration. This adds a hint of elegance in an unexpected way.

Functional and Fabulous

This laundry room uses materials that are equally functional and beautiful. Materials like tile and stainless steel are extremely durable and easy to clean.

Candy Apple Green

Use bold color to make a statement. This laundry room is a great example of how color can make a spectacular impression. The lime-green paint ties all of the cabinetry together while making the space look fun and inviting.

Thoughtful Thrifting

Not everything in your laundry room has to be shiny and new to make the space beautiful. In fact, having an antique wardrobe like this one is a great way to tell a story and still have storage.

Go-Go Gadget

Ironing boards are typically tough to hide. The beautiful metallic partition distracts the eye from the mechanical systems behind it and provides a great backdrop for the space.

Let's Get Personal

Make a small space feel larger by using a light color palette with lots of white and light wood tones. Textures like canvas, metal and wood add interest in a subtle but pleasing way.

Raised Up

Using a contrast of black and white with a chandelier accessory makes this laundry room feel dynamic and elegant. This room is not only stylish but functional, too.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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