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March 25, 2018
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Hirsch’s Strubens Valley celebrated International Sleep Day recently, and together with Trinity House Preparatory, Cloud Nine and Rest Assured they made the little hearts of the children at Grace Help Centre, very happy.   Hirsch’s initiated the drive whereby the students of Trinity House Preparatory School in Little Falls, could enter a competition to see which class could collect the most cuddly toys.

The winners of Hirsch’s and team CNRA ‘s “Cuddly-toy-champions”   will be awarded to the Gr1C class for collecting a total of 169 cuddly toys.  These students will be awarded at a surprise celebration on the 26 March.   Hirsch’s together  with  Cloud Nine Rest Assured, donated mattresses and the toys that were collected for Grace Help Centre.  “It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the children of Trinity House  are made aware that there are so many children that are less fortunate than they are and that they are able to make a difference in their lives,  as well as being able to give back to the community”, commented Kassandra Strydom, deputy principal of Trinity House Little Falls.

Commented Hirsch’s Strubens Valley PRO Dorette Nel, “The little ones at Grace Help Centre were extremely excited to meet the visitors, and full of joy when they received the cuddly toys.  The older children were at school when all this excitement was taking place but had a wonderful surprise awaiting them when they returned.  There were enough toys to hand out to the all children as well as an extra toy each which were left on their beds.   The mattresses that were donated were well received  as they need to accommodate more children by the day.  Grace Help Centre is a care facility that addresses the needs of abused women and children, human-trafficking victims and vulnerable children on their own.  The care centre has an occupancy rate of approximately 50 people who are housed and fed.  Education is provided for the children at local pre-schools and primary schools which currently provides for 26 of the children.  The ages range from 3 years to grade R at pre-school and up to Grade 10.”

Mrs Rina vd Berg of Grace Help Centre expressed her heartfelt thanks to both companies as well as the school for this very generous gesture and added that any donation big or small, is always welcome and appreciated.  “ What a wonderful surprise to our children, they are truly blessed!”  she concluded.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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