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June 27, 2016
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June 28, 2016
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Hirsch weekend at Milnerton

SMEG was a main focus of the Hirsch’s Italian Weekend Specials, and SMEG Ambassador Lorenzo Langenhoven prepared a mince penne Alfredo to give the customers a taste of Italy at Hirsch’s. Loyal Hirsch Customers Melanie and Mario Teixeira were in store and purchasing a SMEG kettle, a Zwilling Pot set and a Samsung TV when they stopped to try the flavor-filled pasta. “This is good, and I am a chef” said Mario as he accepted the snack. Customer Joan Smith was delighted when offered the Alfredo “My husband does not eat pasta, so I never cook it, what a treat!” she exclaimed.

In a different part of the sizeable Hirsch Milnerton Store, Samsung hosted Tablet Training for any customers wanting to find out more about their Tablets. The first in a series of on-the-spot training sessions Samsung Trainer Cobus Buys conducted a practical question and answer session while PRO Monique van der Walt served the customers coffee and snacks. Two such participants were City of Cape Town Traffic Department’s Mr Roux and his daughter. Why a Samsung Tablet and not just a phone? A Tablet is more practical for the professional environment, the screen size and stylus just two of the advantages. “The new Samsung Tablet has better battery life, it can last to up to a day, and it has a much better camera than the previous model” explained Cobus to his listeners.

Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
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