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In 1979 Allan and Margaret Hirsch set up their first shop in a tiny showroom, no bigger than a bathroom, in Umhlanga Rocks Drive. Today Hirsch’s are proud of their position as the biggest independently owned Appliance and Electronics Retail outlet in Southern Africa.

The name Hirsch’s has become synonymous with cost saving, service excellence! Hirsch’s has also been voted as the top appliance, electronics retailer and air conditioning suppliers by their customers.

The HirschAir Division provides dedication, determination and commitment with highly skilled aircon sales specialists who have an excellent product knowledge on air-conditioning.

Hirschair specializes in Sales, Repairs and maintenance service for your air conditioners. Service is carried out by trained crews to ensure that your air-conditioning operates at optimal efficiency and with years of experience behind them, no job is too big or too small for the HirschAir team to handle.

Area of Expertise

HirschAir’s capabilities are extensive, and include the following:

–           Design and Installation

–           Programmed Maintenance and Service

–           Air-conditioning and Refrigeration

–           Ducting Systems

Service Operations

HirschAir Services place a high priority on prompt breakdown attendance in the event of any failure. They have a sophisticated job allocation system which takes into account the clients; business; availability of  regular technicians; work location; job difficulty and urgency, with immediate response to critical areas being a priority.

Contracting/Installation Department

HirschAir offers qualified personnel with the expertise to provide an air-conditioning advisory service for clients who may be contemplating upgrading, modifying or extending current systems. In addition, they are able to provide a service for clients who are building new premises providing advice on the best systems to install.

Training and Quality Service

The company is committed to quality service and Best Practice work methods. They have undertaken numerous steps to ensure that they provide what is expected by  clients. HirschAir undertakes regular training and monitoring. Staff have high quality equipment, safety and product sessions.

What size aircon do you need?

For a precise assessment of the correct size of the air conditioner required, a qualified aircon installer will  do an on – site check as there are a number of different factors to consider.

HirschAir stocks the best brands of air-conditioning!

HirschAir are very excited to have their new Hirsch store open in Hyde Park with the best brands and quality of airconditioning. They recently launched the new Wind Free airconditioner by Samsung!

Goodbye Chilly Blasts of Air

Wind-Free™ technology works so well you might not even notice it. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system disperses fresh air uniformly without the unpleasant blast of cold wind.

What is Wind-Free™ Technology?

Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner system uses 21,000 micro-holes to gently spread air evenly throughout the room, maintaining a comfortable level of coolness without any draft.

Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

The Wind-Free™ system’s new Good Sleep mode creates the ideal air conditioner in your bedroom, so you can sleep well knowing you won’t feel cold during the night or wake in the morning with a chill.


Margaret Hirsch
Margaret Hirsch
Hirsch COO runs South Africa’s top independence appliance company that specialises in all appliances, electronics, furniture and bedding. They give the best deals and the best prices and everything is guaranteed.